If you’ve ever stumbled around your house, rushing to get everything together before leaving for the hospital to deliver your baby—well, this one’s for you. And if you haven’t, this one is still for you. Because it’s absolutely hilarious. (And endearing.)

In a TikTok that’s gaining more views by the hour, user @madisonmarschall shared the extremely entertaining exchange her doorbell camera caught the night her water broke.

Apparently, her husband had just taken melatonin to help him sleep an hour prior to her water breaking—at 2:45 a.m. So it’s completely understandable that he might be a little…out of sorts.

A perfectly well-rested first-time dad would be out of sorts, because hey, you’re about to have your first baby!

But this dad, bless him, has a little moment of panic about the I.D. documents he might need to bring to the hospital while his laboring wife patiently waits for him by the car.

“Do we need our passports?” Okay, now you just have to watch. Typing it out doesn’t do it justice.

PASSPORTS. OMG. HE THINKS HE NEEDS HIS PASSPORT. Because you know, you need to prove your the baby’s parents! The baby that literally comes out of your wife in front of a team of medical professionals.

It’s honestly kind of sweet and extremely funny. But the funniest part, arguably, is when his wife goes, “Yeah, we’re going to Paris.”

We love to see a nervous, overly prepared dad! But more than that, we love it that the doorbell camera caught the entire thing so we can watch it over and over again.