If you don’t already know and love the “Brunch With Babs” Instagram and TikTok accounts, you surely will by the time you’re finished reading this. Get ready for the best pumpkin carving hack you’ve ever seen—and it’ll make you say, “I can’t believe I never thought of that!”

Babs is basically the internet’s mother (aside from Mama Tot, IYKYK), and her entire account is comprised of tips and tricks to keep your house tidy, your family fed, and your garden blooming without overwhelming yourself (or your budget). For people who don’t have their mother’s wisdom to guide them through life (like yours truly), Babs’ internet presence is a godsend.

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So here’s the hack: a hand mixer. You may be scratching your head, wondering how a hand mixer makes pumpkin carving easier. But of course, Babs is here to show you how to do it.

The hand mixer basically cleans out the entire innards of the pumpkin (you know, the goopy stuff you scoop out with your hands and spoons and try not to gag while doing it). It makes scooping the seeds out 10x easier, and it’s a quick, no-mess solution!

And if you’re not into using a knife to carve (or don’t trust your own unsteady hands, like me), Babs shows us how to use cookie cutters and a rubber mallet to our advantage.

Now that last part, where she cuts the bottom of the pumpkin out to place overtop a candle is the part that had me face-palming myself for never thinking of it sooner! The amount of times I’ve burned myself lighting a tea candle from the top is embarrassing, honestly.

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Many commenters seem to agree:

“Oh hello I was today years old when I realized I’ve been making the jack-o-lanterns upside down my entire life.”

“SOMEONE GIVE THIS WOMAN A NOBEL PRIZE. This is all groundbreaking information to me. I’ve been doing Halloween wrong my entire life.”

“Omg, did we like have a life before Babs, did we know anything?”

The answer to that last question feels like a solid, collective “no.” But boy, we sure are glad to have Babs around for moments just like these.