Changing leaves, all things flavored pumpkin, cooler weather, cozy sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, apple picking, pumpkin carving... there's so many things to look forward to in the fall. Did we mention how much we love pumpkins? Because pumpkin painting ideas and looking at pumpkin carving ideas is hands down our favorite Halloween activity—in addition to stocking up on candy, of course.

Whether this is your first year taking part in the seasonal tradition or you're a pumpkin carving pro, it's easy to get stuck in the carving brainstorming stage. Enter: our full catalog of pumpkin carving ideas. From spooky trademark characters (ghosts, cats, Frankenstein, etc.) to designs based on your favorite Disney characters, we searched the web for the most inspiration pumpkin carvings out there. So visit your local pumpkin patch, open a bag of candy corn, turn on your favorite Halloween movie and get to trying these pumpkin carving ideas!

Which one of these pumpkin carving ideas will you be trying this year?

Hocus Pocus pumpkins

It's not spooky season, if you haven't watched "Hocus Pocus." Maybe the new version will inspire pumpkin carving ideas.


Nothing like a classic pumpkin carving to get everyone in the mood for October.


We're all just as obsessed with Anna and Elsa as our kids or nieces and nephews are.


Bats are a Halloween decoration staple so of course we're a fan of adding them to our pumpkin carving.


When it comes to fighting ghosts and monsters, it doesn't get more iconic than this duo.

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Nothing embodies spooky vibes quite like "Stranger Things."


What's a pumpkin carving without everyone's favorite video game character?

Scared pumpkin

This design is guaranteed to impress your neighbors and, if you're feeling extra adventurous, try adding the mini white carved pumpkins, too!

Owl, cat, tree

Let your kiddos choose their own carvings and you'll probably end up with something as interesting as this trio.

Flying witch

It's time to bring out your book of magic spells and potions.

Mickey Mouse

Disney enthusiasts and young kids will love this pumpkin carving idea!

Star Wars characters

There are some Halloween ideas we'll leave to the experts and this is one of them.


Mary Shelley would be so proud.

This way for treats

Let trick-or-treaters know your candy bowl is stocked with goodies with this fun sign.

Pumpkins and paws

For all the dog parents.

Harry Potter fans

Show your Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin or Hufflepuff pride with a Harry Potter-themed pumpkin.

Happy Halloween

Wish everyone a "Happy Halloween!" with this cute pumpkin.

Oogie Boogie

"The Nightmare Before Christmas" fans will love good ol' Oogie Boogie.

Smiley face

A happy pumpkin makes for happy trick-or-treaters (hopefully).

Dad joke pumpkin

Have a hoot with this dad joke and pumpkin all carved into one.

Spider pumpkin

A very on-brand design idea.


The better question is, why not put your pup's face on a pumpkin?

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Team spirit

Halloween is just another occasion to show some team spirit.


We'll leave it to you to decide. Who wore it better, Batman or Bat-pumpkin?

Name carving

It's like wooden block letters but the pumpkin version!

Branded pumpkin

Chicken and pumpkin never looked so good.

Floral pumpkins

Okay, now these are the kind of pumpkins we'd keep all year long.

Skeleton man

Just carve out some ribs then stick the little guy through the holes and voila!

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