Congratulations, mama! You made it through the fourth trimester—the transitional period where your sleepy newborn transformed before your eyes into an engaged, active little baby.

As you continue to get more sleep and settle into this new role, it can feel like a fog is lifting. This can be something of a honeymoon period for many parents, especially as babies around the 4-month mark are really starting to reveal their personalities, which can help make up for the infamous sleep regression many babies temporarily experience at this point.

Eager for entertainment and learning during the day, your baby probably has more endurance when it comes to tummy time and other activities. Still, their favorite pastime of all is listening to you talk and studying the ways you are interacting with the world.

With these established routines and a bit more sleep, you may also feel more comfortable carving out time for yourself, too. Whether that's calling up a friend, streaming a favorite workout class or anything else that qualifies as self-care for you, remember that you deserve space and grace.

Here are some of our favorite items for you and your little one for life with a 4-month-old baby:

To host baby’s first picnic: Cloud Island outdoor blanket

Cloud Island

With lots of time in the yard in your future, a durable blanket designed for the great outdoors will give you a dry space for sitting and snacking. You're going to want at least two so there is always a clean one ready to go.




To do multisensorial playtime: Baby Einstein light bar

Baby Einstein

Although it may look like your baby is just having fun during playtime, toys that stimulate multiple senses may provide brain-boosting benefits , too. Today, tummy time. Tomorrow, quantum physics!




To watch what’s going on: Ingenuity bouncer

Bouncer seat

Does it feel like someone is always watching you, mama? That's because your baby loves observing everything you do, from getting ready in the morning to making dinner. By giving them a special place to take it all in, you get the added advantage of being able to tackle your to-do list while keeping them in sight.




To help their gums and minds: Bright Starts teethe + read soft book

Bright Starts Teething Book

At this stage, babies explore the world with their eyes, hands and mouths. Help them check all those boxes with some teething-friendly toys.




To retire your baby’s swaddle: Halo transitional swaddle

Halo transition swaddle

Having to transition your rolling baby out of a swaddle right in the midst of the 4-month sleep regression can feel like a double whammy. You can help your baby learn to sleep without the swaddle they were accustomed to by keeping them cozy in a hands-free sleep bag.




To take athleisure up a notch: All in Motion leggings

AllinMotion Leggings

We are here for athleisure—which makes it simple and stylish to transition from working out to lounging at home. If it's wrong to have a pair of leggings for every day of the week, then we don't want to be right.




To revitalize your hair: Kristen Ess signature shampoo

Kristen Ess

After enjoying the best hair ever during pregnancy—thanks, hormones!—this is the point when strands can make a sad U-turn back to lackluster. Whomp whomp . But, fear not, mama: This is nothing a quality hair care regimen can't resuscitate.




To get some gentle movement + meditation: Gaiam yoga mat

yoga mat

With some tools that can be easily stowed away in the closet when not in use, you can allow movement to fit into your new lifestyle—even if it's just taking a few minutes to rest in child's pose.




To keep the milk flowing: Milkmakers lactation cookie bites

Milkmakers Cookies

Growing babies mean growing appetites, and while breastfeeding mamas' bodies are incredibly skilled at meeting the demand for milk, it can still help to get a little help in the form of a tasty snack.




To luxuriate in some self-care: SheaMoisture mud mask

We don't like being bearers of bad news, but just know that the 4-month sleep regression can mean your "good sleeper" is back to waking up throughout the night. Although this too will pass, it can feel nice to schedule some self-care to take your mind off those wake-ups.