It seems like health is top of mind for so many of us today, especially as parents. When so much of life feels out of control, I like to focus on the small steps I can take to keep my family well. When we're constantly on the move (even just within our own house), it can be easy to forget the basics of self-care.

One big thing I'm constantly reminding myself about? Staying hydrated. Especially for children, who have smaller fluid reserves, dehydration can happen more quickly. The effects of even mild dehydration can range from low energy levels to extreme fussiness, making their water intake especially important.

One secret I've discovered to getting my 5-year-old to drink more water? Keeping her own cup available at all times.

I love CamelBak's kids bottles for that reason. The stainless steel design is virtually indestructible, no matter where her adventures take her, and I love that it's leak-proof so I can throw it into my bag when we head out without worrying about ending up with a soggy wallet. My daughter also loves the fun prints and colors that make the bottle distinctively hers—so much, in fact, that I find I don't have to remind her to drink water as often because she always has her cup in tow.

Plus, by keeping just one water bottle handy for her, I cut down on dishes because she's not constantly asking for a new glass. (Mama win!)

I've even found that my own CamelBak bottle helps me stay more hydrated, too. And with the fold-away, straw-like bite valve, it's also the perfect choice for when my 2-year-old asks for a sip. (Which happens, oh, every 35 seconds!) Even better, I love knowing that I'm making a more eco-conscious choice by forgoing disposable plastic bottles in favor of an option we can refill again and again. (Because, trust me, we go through a lot of refills these days.)

Staying healthy and hydrated feels more important than ever right now, whether we're getting some fresh air or simply getting through homeschool lessons and play time at home. But thanks to CamelBak's brilliant construction and fun, kid-friendly designs, it's also easier than it has ever been.

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