Three whole hours to myself. That's what Angelcare's video monitoring system gave me the day I took it out of the box. I did my nails. I watched TV. I went to the bathroom in peace! For the first time since coming home from the hospital, I had the confidence to leave my two-month-old girl in her nursery alone with the door closed. And it was amazing.

The Angelcare AC417 is a super sleek, super hi-tech movement monitor with a 4.3" wireless touchscreen video and audio monitor and a wireless sensor pad.

Angelcare has the only wireless sensor pad on the market. It reports on your baby's movement levels and lets you know if no movement is detected after 20 seconds. Talk about putting your mind at ease! No need to risk waking your little one up to make sure she's still breathing (come on, mamas, we all do it).

The camera is multi-functional, with a temperature display that helps you decide how to dress your little one. It also works with your nursery aesthetic: it can sit on a flat surface or be hung from the wall.

The best part about this system might be Angelcare's video monitor. It doesn't take up much space – it's just a little larger than your iPhone – and the video quality is incredible. It also has amazing range, letting you roam pretty far, and is able to pick up the slightest sound.

Of course, what you do with your naptime hours is up to you: dive into a new novel, do some work at home -- maybe start baking?! Thanks to this baby movement monitor, anything is possible.