A first in its category for the brand, Thule has rolled out a convertible single-to-double stroller it hopes will beat out all the competition. And so far so good, we say.

The Thule Sleek was released in fall 2018, and already it's topping our list for favorite double -- and single -- stroller. We love its total customizability. From color options to seating configurations, you control everything about it.

Thule already has a loyal following of outdoor enthusiasts, many of whom are now urban transplants. Lucky for them, the Thule Sleek is designed for the city, but tough enough for some off roading exploration.

At $799, the Sleek is an investment, but it could be the only stroller you ever need. The Sleek is sold as a single with a toddler seat, but has optional configurations that allow it to function as a double or twin. Each seat can be forward or rear facing.

I've been using this stroller with my 20-month-old daughter, Mila, and 18-month-old nephew, Poh, for the last few weeks and have all the real-life, used-in-the-streets-of-DC deets you need to know about this new to the market stroller.

First, this stroller is an extremely smooth ride. The Sleek's large wheels and comfortable handle bar make a happy trip for both rider and pusher. Score. The handlebar also extends up for taller pushers, something my husband was so happy about.

He was also super stoked about the size of the under stroller basket. It's huge -- like big enough for your diaper bag and then some, and also completely covered with a magnetic flap to keep everything hidden from strangers on the street.

The seats are roomy and padded, keeping kiddos comfy for long rides. The seats can be fully reclined for napping on-the-go, and the large canopy has spf 50 protection and a nice window to peek in on. The straps are also plenty padded.

The optional accessories are also a major plus. Toddler seats can have a bar across the front, or be switched out for a cup holder or a cupholder / snack tray. Bring on the Cheerios! And we love that Thule offers a cup holder for parents, as well, because lets be honest: those universal cup holders just don't do the trick.

When you install both toddler seats, they do look close together. We were a little worried the back seat rider might not have much leg room... but that wasn't the case. At least for our kiddos, the back seat rider had plenty of space. A four-year-old, though, might be a tight squeeze.

Another cool thing about the Sleek is that in a lot of stacked double strollers, the child on top is kind of flying blind. They can't see much over the seat in front of them. Not the case with this stroller. Even shorter kiddos can see everything that's going on, which is so key in keeping them happy.

At 28 pounds with one toddler seat installed, the stroller can be difficult for some parents to load into trunks. We found it to be easiest to pop the seats off before folding the stroller up. The actual stroller itself is made of aluminum, so it is quite light and folds in half instantly with the press of a button.

The Sleek is a great option for first time parents planning on having more than one kid, because it truly grows with your family and, like all Thule products, is super durable, meaning it'll hold up for years and years.