Getting ready for baby number two should be a lot easier than preparing for your first child. Not only can you skip reading the how-to-care-for-baby books you spent so much time pouring over last time around, but you also probably already have a house (or let’s be real, an apartment) stocked full of baby gear. This means that you’ll be able to reuse a lot of what you already have. In fact, it turns out that everything from baby bottles to clothes to car seats can safely be repurposed for your second child. There are some caveats, of course. For instance, you’d only want to reuse bottles that aren’t cracked or discolored, and you wouldn’t want to drive with your new bundle of joy in anything but a non-expired car seat that hasn’t been in a crash. Still, experts say it’s perfectly fine to reuse most of what you have stored away from baby number one for baby two. So, you’re probably wondering, is there any new gear that you need to get for baby number two? While the answer is “yes,” the good news is that the list of what you need to obtain should be a lot smaller than your first baby registry. Here’s a look at eight types of gear you’ll want to consider buying (or adding to your registry – baby sprinkle anyone?) for baby number two. To be sure, exactly what you’ll need for baby number two will depend on how spaced apart your kids are (for instance, you may need a new crib if your older child is still using his or hers, and the same goes for highchairs and car seats). Your second-baby gear list is also dependent on what you’ve saved and whether you’re having a singleton or twins. For more ideas on what to get, and register for, for baby number two, check out the registry I put together for my second baby. What baby gear do you recommend getting--and skipping--for baby number two? What gear did I miss? Share your thoughts below. Homepage image source.