Nicki Sebastian's stunning photography has appeared nearly everywhere: From J. Crew to Honest Company, BMW to Rebecca Minkoff.

But today she's sharing with Motherly tips for new mamas to take stunning month-by-month photos of their little ones at home. Here's what Nicki says—

1. Keep it consistent

The more interesting monthly baby photos I've seen keep everything consistent—except the child who grows and changes.

The same chair. The same backdrop. The same setting. The same color shirt. You actually see the growth in the change so much more vividly if everything else remains the same.

2. Let your child's personality shine through

Then the personality of the child really shines through each month and then when you place them next to each other it's a phenomenal end result. You can actually see the growth happening right before your eyes.

So making everything cohesive and consistent and letting the personality of the child shine through is key— not looking for the perfect smile photo.

3. Capture baby's mood today—whatever it is

Perhaps your little one is cranky at her 3 month pics. Perhaps she's scooting off-screen at 10 months. GO WITH IT—because “picture perfect" isn't the reality, and it's so fun to remember things the way they were. Looking back, you'll think—“Oh yeah in month 3 things were a little rocky because baby was going through a growth spurt."

You bring out a more dramatic end result when you go with what you have in terms of mood and keep the perspective consistent.

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