Life with a newborn can be difficult to describe, especially to a non-parent. There are snuggles and magical moments—but there's also pain, uncertainty, and exhaustion, too.

This mom nails all the emotions you feel when you bring your newborn home from the hospital. Maggie is a mom to two and in an emotional essay to Instagram, she captures all those big and little moments that make up the newborn stage.

Maggie's honest: life with a newborn is not all cuddles and smiles. It's full of fear and doubt, and can leave a new mom questioning herself. But don't forget, mama—there are brighter moments ahead for you and your little one.

You can read Maggie's full essay here:

"It's when the sun is setting & a lump forms in my throat because I don't know what the night will bring. It's when she's crying hysterically as I try to change her & I can feel my heart beginning to pound. It's when she's sleeping but I can't hear her breathing. It's when she vomits out of her nose & I rush to put her on her side as she takes a moment to unblock her airways. It's when I put her in her car seat & worry that it's too tight or too lose. It's getting a beanie on her head & making sure I'm not too rough.

It's looking in the mirror & trying really damn hard to appreciate what I see. It's remembering to change my nappy, to change my pad, to change my breast pads. It's trying to find clothes that fit, that are comfy & that are clean. Its the fact that I smell & am sweating all the time. It's having to choose between eating, sleeping, cleaning or showering because I know I won't have time for it all. It's the dwindling of days that my partner has off before he goes back to work & trying my best not to feel jealous."

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"It's not playing the comparison game. It's not looking at the mums who already fit into their pre-baby jeans when I can't even fit into the clothes I bought for post baby. It's not looking at the mums who can brunch & sip coffee with friends when I can't find the strength to leave the house.

It's a lot. The newborn bubble is a lot. It's not all bliss & breastfeeding in a field of golden reeds with butterflies dancing around your head. It's not all cute outfits & getting to finish that Netflix series. It's the small things. It's the big things. It's a lot.

You are allowed to say that it's a lot. It does not mean you are not grateful. It does not mean you do not love your child. It does not make you any less of an incredible mother. All it means is that you are human. That you are human like me. Because it's a lot for me & I need you to know you are not alone in this bubble & that I promise you that one day soon, that bubble will burst just like I promise you that the sun will rise. And it WILL rise, just like you will."