There are these moments during pregnancy that feel somewhat...normal. Moments when the idea that you're doing the magical job of growing a human inside of you becomes oddly ordinary and you continue on your days. That is until you feel a kick or get a glance of your growing belly in the mirror.

Quickly, you're reminded of the beautiful babe inside, and of course, the million things you need to do before he or she arrives. Not to mention all that spring cleaning you said you'd get done like two weeks ago. And not to freak you out or anything, but now with baby on the way, your Spring Cleaning is going to look a little different. Obvi, you know we – along with our friends at Gugu Guru – have your back.

We asked three “Spring Cleaning" experts (think: cleaning out your closet...or your beauty bag...or your nursery!) to share their top registry picks to help you simplify your new parenting life. Here's what they said. 

“When entering motherhood during pregnancy or beyond, personal style typically evolves as your body and day-to-day life changes. While it's critical to keep style in check throughout this transition so you feel good, organizing your wardrobe is a key strategy to make things easier. I recommend creating a capsule collection of styles worn on rotation (think nursing-friendly clothes, oversized jeans, dresses with undefined waists and comfortable shoes!) and keeping them in the focal part of your closet. It's worth the investment to purchase a few pieces during these motherhood transitions that fit your current size too. Set aside the pieces that don't fit and are not practical in a separate area (or if you have the luxury, in a separate closet altogether). Keep what works in arms reach and you can revisit the pieces you set aside next season. Getting dressed should be simple, quick and empowering when you're balancing this 'new normal' life as a mama, and if getting dressed is complicated, it becomes neglected." 

  • Jenny Greenstein of Your Soul Style, personal stylist, style coach and mom

Jenny's Closet Cleaning Registry Picks:

Loyal Hana Marni Jumpsuit

This style works both during pregnancy and beyond with both enough room to flex with your changing shape and with hidden zippers that accommodate breastfeeding. This jumpsuit can also be dressed up with heels or down with sneakers and can be worn as-is in warmer temperatures and with a chunky sweater or blazer during colder months.

B&Me Booker Coat

If you're into baby-wearing, the booker coat is a must, allowing you to be out and about while keeping baby cozy and warm. The coat can be worn as-is or underneath a heavier style.

MZ Wallace Bag

Both the Sutton Oxford tote and Metro Backpack are key “diaper" bags for new mamas. Super lightweight, functional, durable, water-resistant, these carry-alls will hold all of your baby essentials while keeping style on point. 

“My spring cleaning motto is always, 'when in doubt, throw it out.' It is always good to purge of things not needed, but at the end of the day, having effective storage is a great feeling. And an even better feeling when it looks good. When it comes to designing and decorating the nursery you, the parent, should always be kept in mind. Let the nursery be an extension of you and your home because soon enough the line between living room and nursery will be blurred. Keeping things streamlined and simple is a great base to build upon and allows cute toys and small bits of color pop. Don't hold back from selecting items you love that may seem more mature -- a cute stuffed animal or adorable blanket makes a mid century chair fit right in with the kids room." 

Gunnar's Simple Nursery Registry Picks

A coat rack might seem like a good fit in the hallway but this CB2 Hidden-channel-wall-mounted-coat-rack works great in the kids room. Display cute books on hidden track and use the hooks for their bath towel, diaper bag and for displaying the cute outfit on a hanger that you can't wait for them to wear. This allows for display and organization.

We all know that a perfectly clean Pinterest nursery can be hard to maintain. Sometimes we just need a place to throw all the excess. This is when 3 Sprouts - Wall-Organizer comes in handy. Whether it is for toys, wipes, books or socks; this wall organizer can be the perfect hiding place mounted on the wall behind the door or get a couple of them and hang them on the inside of the closet door. This helps keep all the small clutter off the floor or any other flat space in the room and keeps it hidden out of sight, but when you do see it, it's cute.

When it comes to toy storage, I love baskets. They can easily be moved around from room to room and be gathered in a corner out of the way while looking good together in a grouping. I love Eliza Gran's baskets as they add a pop of color and look good anywhere in the house, especially the nursery. These Eliza Gran Venice-pom-pom-baskets can be easily paired with cb2 Parkay Hamper for more toy storage. 

“The last thing you need when you're pregnant is even more things to be afraid of, but the fact is, skin absorption of potentially harmful ingredients is a reality often overlooked. You've already changed your diet and lifestyle to avoid anything unhealthy reaching your baby, so it's important that we don't forget our beauty products need to be non-toxic too -- especially the ones with maximum skin exposure, like body lotions and deodorant." 

Spirit's Non-toxic Beauty Bag Registry Picks

The only thing proven effective in preventing or reducing stretch marks is not cocoa butter but Vitamin E. I used this Pai Pomegranate & Pumpkin Seed Stretch Mark System on my belly and tush every morning and night and even though I have always been stretch mark-prone, I didn't get a single one.

I used this Lina Hanson Global Baby serum for my hair, nails, face and everything before baby arrived. Now I use it for his everything.

A lot of women are afraid they have to stop using anything effective when they switch to pregnancy-safe beauty. On the contrary! I would never give up my anti-aging skincare or my signature lipstick color by Ilia Beauty! These non-toxic beauty heroes are even better than conventional because they're high-performance and nourishing at the same time.

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