With over two billion ideas, Pinterest is a gold mine of tried-and-tested mom hacks, oh-so-adorable nurseries, product must-haves, educational activities for kiddos, and much more. In fact, one out of every three parents uses this social media platform.

Their insights team harnessed the power of all this search and save data to come up with their fourth annual Top 100 Trend Report—predictions of what we'll be adding to our mama + baby boards in 2018. From wooden toys to permanent forts, the following picks are low-tech and score points for creativity.

Here's what mamas can look forward to in the year ahead?

1. Wooden toys

Parents are forgoing plastic gadgets with flashing lights and loud sounds in favor of classic, understated toys in natural materials. Saves for “wooden toys" are up 173%, and they make a great addition to your toddler's toy chest because they encourage hours of open-ended play.

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2. Weighted blankets

Traditionally used in occupational therapy for kids with sensory disorders or anxiety, they provide pressure and a soothing hug-like feel. Now weighted blankets are becoming mainstream—saves increased 259% this past year— thanks to their calming, sleep-inducing benefits.

3. Modern nurseries

Style-conscious mamas and papas are designing spaces that are more sophisticated than babyish for their bundle of joy. Promote a conducive environment for zzzs with subdued, neutral hues, furniture in clean lines, cozy textiles and geometric shapes.

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4. Pom-poms

Saves for pom-pom decor spiked 444% this year. Parents are incorporating this whimsical decoration on mobiles, ceiling installations, and rugs. For a more subtle approach, use them as accents on curtains or even storage bins.

5. Removable wall art

Revamping your child's room doesn't require a total overhaul and paint job. Wall decals are an easy, convenient way to update the space to reflect their current favorite interests (no wonder saves have surged 219%)

6. Eco-everything

It is possible to source planet-friendly baby goods and reduce your environmental footprint without losing your sanity. Moms and dads are scoping out gear like baby bouncers and high chairs, as well as reusable diapers and cloths, with saves for “eco-friendly clothing," specifically, jumping up 750%.

7. Teething necklaces

One of the more surprising emerging trends on this list, jewelry that serves double-duty as a distraction tool for baby are dominating Pinterest. The different sizes and textures of the beads on teething necklaces (saves are up 146%) are not only eye-catching but fun for baby to turn over in their fingers during nursing

8. Forts

Instead of using pillows and blankets for a makeshift fort that needs to be cleaned up and rebuilt each day, parents are embracing child-like sanctuaries that are part of the permanent decor. Think teepees or bed storage compartments with curtains (shown below).

9. Baby trackers

Busy parents are staying up-to-date on all of baby's daily habits like feedings, diaper changes, and sleep patterns by logging their information. Months (or even years) from now, it'll be rewarding to look back on all of the “firsts" of those precious early days. ?

10. Sprinkle showers

Unlike a traditional baby shower, a sprinkle is a smaller, much more low-key gathering thrown to honor a mama who is pregnant with her second or third child. (Because after all, who can ever really have enough diapers?) Not only have saves for “sprinkle baby shower" increased 180% but also some are using the term literally with colorful rainbow decor. ?