While zooming on the road of parenthood there comes a point when a vast amount of time is spent in the bathroom. I'm talking about potty training. I wish someone had told me: Olivia, approximately a dozen times a day you will find yourself kneeling before your cherub perched atop a porcelain throne. Waiting, waiting and waiting some more. This can get tricky when you are a city dwelling family where there's usually just one potty for multiple behinds.

How can all this time spent in the bathroom be made more enjoyable? Surely, we can get the cutest Pooh Bear potty seats with matching step stools. Or we can buy the softest toilet paper, soothing wipes and aromatherapy foaming soaps. We can even bring an entire library into the bathroom, plus an iPad! But is there a single product that will make a difference for every butt in the house...and dare I say each set of nostrils?


What if every poop smelled like a day in the country? We aren't talking suffocating air fresheners or choking potpourris poorly concealing poop's stronghold. I'm talking a meadow wrapped in a rainbow dancing in your nose. Yes, family of a toddler, we’ve found it: p o r c e l a i n™. Spritz p o r c e l a i n™ in the toilet water beforehand and It eliminates and neutralizes terrifying toilet odors. The formula creates an odor barrier on the water, then actively neutralizes the gases released in the water by poop (and even pee). Choose from five fragrances to help mask and erase the gross gases in the air. Everyone will wonder: Did I just dance on a mountain top? No, you just used my bathroom.

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