Forget about Autobots and Decepticons. Get ready to welcome a new fleet of Transformers – transformer strollers, that is.

Cutting-edge technology makes a serious foray into baby’s world, and stroller brands are now thinking outside the box to blend form, function and tech-infused features into the perfect city buggy. Whether it’s a stroller that morphs into a bike or a pram that fits into a tote, baby’s cool futuristic ride can revolutionize your daily commute. Here are four transformer strollers that will bring convenience and a technological edge to your adventures with baby.

1. Simple Parenting: The Doona

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When it comes to innovative baby gear, the Doona is a game changer. This all-in-one infant car seat clicks right out of the car and converts into a stroller with just the push of a lever. No longer will you need to clumsily lug a car seat through a crowded street. No longer will you have to maneuver baby’s heavy travel system in and out of the car. With its mere 16 pounds, the Simple Parenting hybrid baby gear is perfect for busy mamas who have lots of errands to run: it will not only make your experience smoother, it will also save you time, space and energy! $499, Buy it here.

2. Babyzen: The Yoyo+

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Are you looking for a trusty sidekick to make your travels with baby a breeze? The Yoyo+ is small but can really pack a punch. Launched earlier this year, the featherweight buggy folds in a flash, with just three clicks and one hand. It is so compact, it fits in an airline’s overhead compartment and can be carried like a bag. When you’re ready to get moving, flick the Yoyo+ back open. The compact stroller, which you can ride around with just one hand, is now compatible with Cybex and Maxi Cosi infant car seats and comes with a bounty of new features: a reclining padded seat, an oversized basket, a storage pouch on the back of the canopy and the option to buy a bassinet for your infant. $495, Buy it here.

3. The Taga Bike

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The Taga will have you second-guess your beloved running stroller. The bike, which is essentially an inverted tricycle, carries a seat up front for baby and provides surprisingly great stability. When you arrive at your destination, the three-wheeled cargo bike morphs into a stroller in just 20 seconds. Once you are done with your errands, toggle back to bike mode and pedal your way to a great workout and to quality time with baby. The Taga is suitable for children up to 6 years and is compatible with Graco and Maxi Cosi infant car seats. What’s more, the hybrid baby wheeler will grow with your family, with an option to add a stroller seat or, once your kids have outgrown it, replace it with a big cargo basket. $823, Buy it here.

4. GB: The Pockit

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If you have a penchant for record-setters, the Pockit is the stroller for you. The lightweight GB pram is the world’s smallest folding stroller and, in only two steps, shrinks to fit into the tightest of spots, including a handbag or a tote. The switch from pushing to carrying is effortless, which makes it a favorite among city dwellers. The Pockit is also an easy push, stands alone when folded, and can be stowed under any seats at a restaurant or on a plane. Its adjustable harness will grow with your child through toddlerhood (from 6 months to up to 4 years). Do we need to add that it only weighs 9.5 pounds? $249.99, Buy it here.

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