Within weeks of welcoming baby, you’ll look back on pictures from those early days and struggle to believe your little one was really once so little. Soak up those moments as much as you can without any kind of screen in the middle, but because we know it’s impossible to resist taking a few (or a thousand) photos of your new favorite model, at least try to make them count.

You can capture those fleeting first days

…with the help of a newborn photographer. The good ones will even have some serious baby-whispering abilities, which can be helpful if your little one insists on being fussy whenever you break out the camera.

But if you don’t have the time, money or energy for hiring out, you can still get some great shots of your own — no matter if you have the latest DSLR or a smartphone.

1. Fresh new family photo

image 178

No doubt you’ll remember the special moment when yours became a family of three (or more) for the rest of your life. But it doesn’t hurt to memorialize the big day with a family photo once you are feeling up for it. It doesn’t need to be a big staged event, either — we absolutely love this snap from Ashlee Kay Photography of a lovestruck mom and dad.

2. Baby in a blanket

image 179

You probably have a cute blanket or 100 at home, but there is something special about those generic swaddlers all babies are welcomed into the world with at the hospital. Mark the moment with a picture like the stunning one snapped by Sally Brewer Photography. We just suggest employing Dad, your own mom or a photographer to do it while you rest up in bed.

3. Dad holding his newborn baby

image 1377

There is something extra special about a dad meeting his child for the first time. You’ve been intimately bonding with the little one for months and while your partner was surely supportive, the reality for them usually really sets in once baby has arrived. The two will probably quickly become snuggle buddies, so grab a camera during one of those precious moments. We can’t stop swooning over this one that Tamara Elise Photography took of her hubby and newborn daughter.

4. The new mama snuggling with her babe

image 1378

Chances are you’ll spend a good bit of time behind the lens, snapping pictures of your cutie patootie’s every move. Be sure to hand the camera over for some baby and baby pictures, too. We adore this angelic self-portrait also shared on the That We Might Have Joy blog. She told us, “When their babies are grown and no longer so snugly, I’m sure every mother would love looking back and remembering the days when they spent much of their day cuddling their little ones.” So very true!

5. The newborn squishy baby faces

image 1379

We guarantee you will think every face your baby makes is adorable, so we aren’t suggesting taking constant pictures. (Although that is easier said than done.) But you should snap some pictures at least one time when baby is alert and playful. We love this casual, yet beautiful photo shared by Ashley Vos Photography.

6. Little baby feet

image 180

You’ll probably spend countless hours kissing that sweet little nose, those ever-grasping hands and even those adorably small feet. But years from now, you’ll struggle to believe your grown child was really once so small. Show off those precious features in some pictures that focus directly on them, like this sweet one of 10 perfect toes from Touch of Joy Photography.

7. Baby + siblings

image 1380

Welcoming a new baby is a family event, so be sure to include older brothers or sisters! We love this image captured by Los Angeles-based photographer Kristin Eldridge… Don’t those little guys just ooze pride with their new sibling? She said she used some little bribes and toys to get the older ones to cooperate, but no one will know that by looking at the adorable pictures.