As any parent or soon-to-be parent knows, there’s nothing more precious to look at than a sleeping baby. While all unique baby names have meaning, baby names with a serene, peaceful, calm vibe can bestow a tranquil energy on your little one before they even arrive.

Since mothering in an ever-changing world is hard enough, as new life emerges, we could use some serenity and peaceful wishes.

‘Peace’ translates so deeply and meaningfully in so many ways: being at peace with oneself, being the calm in a storm, wishing peace for everyone you know and love, or just general hippie vibes! If you’re into peace, love and tranquility, then any of these girl names that mean peace and boy names that mean peace could be the right fit for your baby.

18 names that mean peace for the newborn you’re hoping is just as peaceful

1. Galene

Means “calm” or “one who is relaxing and quiet.” Derived directly from the Greek word galene, it’s also used as a feminine version of the name Galen.

2. Winifred

Means “friend of peace” or “peaceful friend.” This vintage name is of Teutonic, English and Welsh origin. Plus, the nickname “Winnie” is absolutely adorable!

3. Aquene

Pronounced Ah-keen-ah, is a Native American word for “peace.”

4. Irina

A Russian version of the name Irene. It means “woman of peace” in Greek, based on the goddess Irina.

5. Jemima

Means “dove” in Hebrew, which is a universal symbol of peace. Is there anything more peaceful than the image of a dove? It’s symbolic in every way.

6. Frida

Means “peace” or “woman of peace.” In German, Frieden translates directly as “peace.”

7. Olive

Means “peace”—indirectly, since the name is derived from the Latin word oliva, meaning “olive,” or “olive tree,” and an olive branch is another universal symbol of peace. (The olive branch gives the dove a run for its money on the peace symbolism, that’s for sure.)

8. Paloma

Another name that means “dove” or “beautiful dove.” It’s of Spanish origin, and it’s also just absolutely lovely.

9. Axl

Said to come from the Hebrew name Absalom, meaning “man of peace” or “father of peace.”

10. Callum

A Latin-originated name that means “dove” or “white dove,” a universal symbol of peace.

11. Levi

Means “joined in harmony” in Hebrew.

12. Luam

Of African origin, and it means “peaceful” and “calm.”

13. Jonah

A Biblical name, and also another name that means “dove.”

14. Solomon

Derived from the Hebrew word shalom, which means “peace” or “peaceable.”

15. Frederick

Means “peaceful ruler” in Latin.

16. Paxton

Of Latin and English origin, Paxton means “peace town.” Bonus points for the coolest nickname: Pax.

17. Shiloh

Means “peaceful” and “tranquil” in Hebrew, and it just sounds so lovely to the ear.

18. Sheehan

An Irish surname of Celtic origin that means “peacemaker” or “descendant of the peaceful one.”

A version of this post was published June 8, 2021. It has been updated.