2018 is staring off with a bang—or more accurately, a snow-bomb. Experts have begun pinpointing what the top baby names of 2018 will be, which is great since if this weather continues, there’ll be a lot of new arrivals in October and November. Good thing paid parental leave starts this year, right? We have the details on that and more in this edition of Weekly Links.

The top baby names of 2018

1. The data is in, and we now have a list of the anticipated most popular baby names for 2018! Babygaga’s list of top 20 baby girl names and top 25 baby boy names features some classic favorites like Emma and Alexander, but also has a few unusual newcomers like Aurora and Corin. If you’re a TV buff, you’ll get a kick out of rising favorites like Mila, Arya, Asher and Kai.

New York's new paid parental leave plan

2. This year, the first stage of New York’s paid parental leave plan rolls out, which will be, once in full effect, one of the most generous family leave plans in the country. But how will the new law affect nannies, housekeepers and other domestic workers? The New York Times takes an in depth look at the new law, including who qualifies for it and why nannies might be afraid to ask for leave.

Self-care tips for new parents

3. If you’ve just had a baby, you’re probably not eating well, sleeping well, or even showering well. The Birth Hour has a great list of self-care tips for new parents. It’s full of awesome ideas, products and services in every price range, so give it a glance before you head to that baby shower, visit a new parent, or threaten your partner for waking you up for the millionth time tonight.

Equal pay in Iceland

4. Big props to Iceland for going after gender-based discrimination in the workplace! The Nordic country is the first nation to legalize equal pay, and companies that pay women and men differently will be fined. Read more here.

What you'll spend in baby's first year

5. Parents that are expecting new additions to their family are probably anticipating some subtractions in their cash flow. The costs of raising a child can total nearly a quarter of a million dollars--and that’s not even counting college tuition. Babylist has put together an overview of what you should be expecting to spend, and on what, in baby’s first year. If I had a dollar for every diaper I changed...

Photography by Sarina Cass of Red Anchor Photo.