There's no denying that 2021-2022 has been an absolutely fabulous year to be an Olympics fan. Not only were we reunited with Katie Ledecky, Simone Biles, and Caeleb Dressel back in July for the delayed 2020 Tokyo Games, but we’re now in the middle of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. Whether you follow these athletes year round or tune in once every four years, you’ve seen how ridiculously talented, strong, passionate, and motivated Olympians have to be to excel in their sport, especially at this level.

With two full weeks of all-day, back-to-back coverage, it’s nearly impossible not to get these athletes’ names stuck in your head. So, why not put them to good use? Maybe, you too, want your child to grow up to be talented, strong, passionate, and motivated, just like an Olympian. Better yet, be the next Michael Phelps or Allyson Felix! If your eyes have been glued to the TV like ours, then you’ll enjoy this list of Olympic-inspired baby names that are definitely worthy of a gold medal.

Inspired by the stars of the summer and winter Olympics, here’s our roundup of baby names below.

Boy names inspired by Olympians 

  1. Adam (Rippon)
  2. Apolo (Ohno) 
  3. Ayumu (Hiran)
  4. Caeleb (Dressel)
  5. Carl (Lewis)
  6. Donovan (Carrillo)
  7. Johnny (Weir) 
  8. Mark (Spitz)
  9. Matt (Biondi)
  10. Michael (Phelps)
  11. Mo (Farah)
  12. Nathan (Chen)
  13. Phil (Dalhausser)
  14. Ryan (Lochte) 
  15. Shaun (White)
  16. Taylor (Gold)
  17. Tom (Daley)
  18. Usain (Bolt)
  19. Vincent (Zhou)
  20. Yuzuru (Hanyu)

Girl names inspired by Olympians 

  1. Allyson (Felix) 
  2. April (Ross)
  3. Carli (Lloyd) 
  4. Chloe (Kim) 
  5. Dara (Torres)
  6. Elena (Meyers Taylor)
  7. Florence (Griffith Joyner)
  8. Gabrielle (Thomas)
  9. Jackie (Joyner-Kersee)
  10. Janet (Evans)
  11. Katie (Ledecky)
  12. Kristi (Yamaguchi)
  13. Lindsey (Vonn)
  14. Lolo (Jones)
  15. Maame (Biney)
  16. McKayla (Maroney)
  17. Michelle (Kwan) 
  18. Mikaela (Shiffrin) 
  19. Missy (Franklin) 
  20. Misty (May-Trainer)
  21. Nadia (Comăneci)
  22. Nastia (Lukin)
  23. Natalie (Coughlin)
  24. Simone (Biles)
  25. Vonetta (Flowers)