September is a month that brings so many welcome changes. From the weather beginning to cool off in most places, to the beloved traditions like apple picking and sipping pumpkin spice lattes, there is no shortage of fun during the ninth month of the year. If you're welcoming a September baby, you've got a lot to look forward to, like the scientific proof that your little one will likely succeed at school and steer clear of trouble as they get older.

While looking forward to the future is fun, the here and now of giving birth in September might have you focusing on a more immediate goal, like choosing a name that is reflective of your almost-Autumn baby. And if you're already thinking about their star sign, check out our baby names for Virgos and baby names for Libras!

These 20 adorable options naming your September babe will make choosing a unique moniker just a little bit easier.

Gender Neutral Names:

Evan: Actress Evan Rachel Wood celebrates her birthday on September 7, and proves that this name is a great choice for any gender.

Kit: This Greek name meaning "hopeful" is a beautiful choice for September, and can be used for either a boy or girl.

Mika: This Japanese name, which means "new moon," is a great option for either gender.

Boy Names:

Keanu: Keanu Reeves is also a September baby, making it a great reason to choose this handsome moniker.

Paul: An age-old name in honor of the late Paul Walker, who was born on September 12.

Harry: Prince Harry's accomplishments (and his September 15th birthdate) make for a perfect reason to use this classic name for your little man.

Arman: This Arabic name means hope, something we all look forward to as the seasons change.

Inizio: This name, of Italian origin, means beginning and is perfect for the start of Fall.

Naveen: Keeping on the path of unique names, this moniker—which means "new" in Indian—is a lovely choice.

Neo: Another name which means "new," but this time in Latin, is a fun play on the popular name Leo.

Rydin: This fun name means hardworking, an ode to Labor Day.

Girl Names:

Autumn: If you happen to give birth on or after September 22 (or anytime!), this gorgeous name is a perfect choice.

Nova: A unique name that means change.

Sapphire: The name of September's birthstone is a sweet choice for a baby girl.

Gloria: This classic name is even more special for September, the month that beloved singer Gloria Estefan celebrates her birthday.

Dawn: There's something about this name that screams "September!"

Zora: This unique name actually means Dawn in Serbo-Croatian, giving you a second choice for a unique version of the above moniker.

Amelia: This name means hardworking, perfect for a Labor Day arrival.

Rosalea: Another beautiful name that means hardworking.