Winter is a fabulous time of the year. There’s frost in the air, there’s presents to unwrap and don’t even get us started on all of the fun winter-themed desserts. It’s a time to cozy on up with our loved ones and bask in the holiday spirit. And if your family is welcoming a new member to the crew during one of these winter months, it can also mean that it’s time to start looking for winter baby names.

There are plenty of sweet as can be winter baby girl names and winter baby boy names. No matter what part of the season you want to highlight—the solstice, the snow or even the famous reindeer—there’s an adorable baby name that will match perfectly. As you’re searching for unique baby names for your little one, get inspired with these winter baby names that celebrate the snowy season.

16 winter baby girl names

  1. Solstice
    Latin for “when the sun stands still.” Perfect for the chilly days ahead.
  2. Winter
    Of course, we couldn’t leave the season’s pretty name out.
  3. Yule
    A pretty name meaning winter solstice.
  4. Holly
    For the winter’s loveliest plant.
  5. Carol
    Remind yourself of those melodic carolers outside with this winter baby name.
  6. Faith
    As there’s so many different faiths’ holiday celebrations around the world.
  7. Eve
    Hebrew for life.
  8. Zohar
    Hebrew for light or brilliance.
  9. Nera
    Hebrew for candle or light.
  10. Elsa
    A name fit for a Disney princess.
  11. Noel (Noelle)
    A festive name meaning Christmas.
  12. Joy
    The spirit of the holiday season.
  13. Aspen
    Sure there are Douglas Firs but what about a majestic Aspen? A Christmas baby name like no other.
  14. Coco
    An homage to all of the sweet hot cocoa drinks you’ll be drinking.
  15. Alaska
    Nothing says winter quite like this snowy and chilly state.
  16. Stella
    Latin for star. Like the star at the top of the Christmas tree!

11 winter baby boy names

  1. Jack
    A classic name that also belonged to everyone’s favorite snowman, Jack Frost.
  2. Fannar
    Old Norse for “snow drift.”
  3. Nicholas
    For old St. Nick.
  4. Judah
    Might be just perfect for your little Hanukkah babe.
  5. Meyer
    Hebrew for the “bringer of light.”
  6. Uriel
    Hebrew for “God is my light.”
  7. Feliz
    Latin for “happy.”
  8. Klaus
    German version of Claus, originating from Nicholas.
  9. Yukio
    Japanese name for snow.
  10. Eirwen
    Means “blessed snow” or “white snow” in Welsh.
  11. Robin
    A winter bird. This name is rising in popularity for boys.

Of course, our winter baby names roundup wouldn’t be complete without a handful of names inspired by Santa’s reindeer! Dasher, Vixen, Comet, Donner and Rudolph are all unique names for your lil’ reindeer.

A version of this post was published January 11, 2022. It has been updated.