You know that feeling you get when a new season arrives? The panic that you suddenly “have nothing to wear” and that nothing fits you? Well, this is the exact feeling that overcomes you during pregnancy. Except this time you’re not crazy. You’ve got a big gorgeous belly that’s growing at rapid speed, and while it’s totally awesome, it doesn’t quite work with your old wardrobe.

The good news is you don’t have to hide under a moomoo (unless that’s your thing, in which case we totally want to borrow some). You are lucky enough to be pregnant at a time when there’s some gorgeous fashion-forward maternity brands in the market, like Isabella Oliver. Ahead of the game, Isabella Oliver launched over 10 years when founder Baukjen De Swaan Aarons was pregnant and wanted to create a line that served pregnant women who were at a loss for style in the market.

Being the forward-thinking brand they are, Isabella Oliver is now accommodating the most bump enviable gals out there with a new service: eStylist. Launched to give women an extra helping hand whether they’re having a workwear dilemma, need help finding something to wear to a wedding or even have a have a question about nursingwear, eStylist will chat with you by appointment via webcam about said problem. The service lasts 20 minutes. And it’s free. New bestie, anyone?

Since the eStylists seem to have all the answers, we asked them about your pregnancy closet essentials. Here’s what they said.

What are the three best silhouettes every pregnant woman should have in her closet?

Women often make the mistake of ‘going large’ as their bump grows, but the most flattering of silhouettes is figure-hugging, particularly with dresses. Our job is to make women feel confident with their new shape. We encourage them to try this look, and when they do, they never look back. A boyfriend jean is also a great shape for off-duty looks and pieces that drape elegantly over the bump also work well.

Any fabrics she should stay away from?

It’s really down to personal choice but your skin often becomes more sensitive when you’re pregnant so anything scratchy should be avoided. Super soft is the way to go.

Any fabrics more forgiving?

Jersey, jersey, jersey – after more than 10 years dressing pregnant women around the world, we remain committed to our use of jersey. It grows with your bump and is soft to touch.

Do you recommend patterns or solids on pregnant women?

It’s definitely personal choice. There are so many new factors to account for when you dress a bump that a lot of women keep it simple and opt for a block color, but prints can look really beautiful too. This season we have a new snake print in pink and blue that’s extremely flattering and proving really popular.

What would you say is the stage women come in for help the most?

As a rule it’s after the 12 week stage when they first start showing and start feeling uncomfortable. That said, some women leave it for much later, hoping to ‘get by’ before realizing they desperately need a few pieces to see them through. Luckily, many of our styles are designed to fit after pregnancy so it’s never a bad investment. Special events like weddings also tend to prompt late-in-the-day purchases.

What non-maternity items do you believe women can work with?

That’s a tricky one as for us because fit is everything and non-maternity clothing just doesn’t offer that benefit. In the early stages, outerwear can work, and if you’re lucky enough to avoid swollen feet, your shoe closet will too.

What are your top three maternity purchase essentials?

Number one has to be maternity jeans, or any trouser of your choice really – it’s impossible to wear non-maternity trousers as your bump grows and you’ll get endless use from them. A great dress that can be dressed up for the office or evenings and down for more casual days would be number two. And number three? A great tee.

Get the looks in image above from Isabella Oliver.