You may not have too many moments of relaxation these days , but that doesn't mean you can't make the most of the ones you've got. Whether you're collapsing in a heap on the couch after putting the kids to bed or just milking those five minutes post-shower, a robe can be an invaluable investment in your coziness and self-care .

As a self-appointed loungewear expert (I mean, it's the only kind of clothing I've bought this past year and I spend hours per week internet window shopping) and robe enthusiast (I wear them daily, sometimes for longer than I care to admit on the record), I'm here to help guide the best purchase you've ever made. That may sound like a lofty promise, but pound for pound, a quality robe is one of the few pieces of clothing you can truly use every day for years to come.

If you're in the market for a robe that's long, short, silky or plush, you're sure to find what you're looking for below. (Even one that's weighted!) Shop my top picks for 2021 and get ready to relax like the deserving dame you are.

MAMA Robe in Jet Black

Belabumbum mama robe

Even though you might not be fully off duty when you slip into this buttery soft Peruvian cotton Mama robe from Belabumbum, you'll at least be as comfy as possible. It's designed to fit for pregnancy, postpartum and beyond with 3/4 sleeves and a midi length that keeps you covered without getting in the way. Contrast piping at the cuff gives it a classic PJs look that's sweet and sophisticated.

LAKE Pima cotton robe

Lake 100% Pima Cotton Robe

Before I discovered Lake I did not believe in wearing anything but ratty T-shirts and underwear to bed. However, once I slid into their deliciously soft and sumptuous PJ sets I was converted. They source the finest Pima cotton for the majority of their collection which is softer and thicker than any cotton I've ever owned. Perfect for all seasons, this simple but sophisticated robe has just a little bit of stretch and convenient pockets so you can wear it all Sunday morning whether you're slinging pancakes or hiding in the bathroom.

Susannah Cotton long kimono yukata robe

Susannah Cotton long kimono yukata robe

If you're looking for something that could also double as poolside loungewear, this timeless beauty has you covered. Handmade from block-printed organic cotton, the kimono-style dressing gowns from Susannah Cotton are as light and airy as they are beautiful. They come in just one size that is designed to fit sizes 8-16 and feature two front pockets and a wide belt. You may not be traveling the world any time soon, but if you throw this on and pour yourself something fancy you just might be able to imagine it.


Parachute cloud cotton robe

Parachute cloud cotton robe

Parachute has long been a favorite of mine for bedding, but they also totally kill it in the loungewear space. And don't just take my word for it—take the word of 1,600 people who joined the waitlist for their Cloud Cotton Robe launch last fall. (The launch of their original Classic Bathrobe back in 2017 caused a similar fervor.) It's made from two-ply gauzy Turkish cotton which is super absorbent post-shower without the bulk of terry. (Seriously, Turkish Cotton beach towels changed my life.) The natural fiber is light and airy but still supremely cozy. I'm loving this rich new mulberry color!

Goumi kids cardigan robe


The magic about this cardigan robe is that you can wear it inside and outside. I have no shame in admitting that I've been seen at pick up for my kid rocking jeans, this robe and my favorite facemask. Comfortably long and super snuggly, I am a convert after getting this cardigan robe from Goumi Kids.

Restoration Hardware luxury plush long robe

Restoration Hardware luxury plush long robe

True, Restoration Hardware wouldn't have been my first place to shop for a robe either. I mean, they sell outdoor sectionals that cost three times what I've ever invested in an actual living room couch. However, with that in mind, it makes sense that their luxe robes would be similarly bougie. My partner, ever the researcher, gifted me this one for Christmas a few years back after learning how highly rated and reviewed it is. It lives up to the hype. It's super plush, helping my skin dry post-shower and has held up to countless washings like a champ. So much so that I'm kind of sad I have no excuse to buy another for at least a few more years.

Coyuchi cloud loom organic robe

Coyuchi unisex cloud loom organic robe

Coyuchi is the gold-standard of organic textiles, making them a no brainer when it comes to robe investment. Inspired by their best-selling towels, the Cloud Loom Organic Robe is made from the same long-staple cotton but put through an additional process to make it smoother and sleeker. The result is plush but lightweight robe that's conveniently absorbent and downright decadent post-shower.

Hill House Home the hotel robe

Hill House Home The Hotel Robe

Warning: Wearing this robe will make you instantly demand room service. After all, it's called the Hotel Robe. And look at it! From Hill House Home, a brand that excels at elevating the every day, this luxe number is made in Portugal from 100% organic zero-twist micro cotton which is as fancy as it sounds. The sleeves are a bit on the longer side, finished off with a band of contrast piping. I'm a fan of the classic blue as pictured, but it also comes in a pastel rainbow version that's fun without being juvenile. They also offer monogramming for an added cost.

Lunya the robe

Lunya The Robe

There's no way this list would be complete without including the luxuriously sophisticated Lunya robe. This one has been on my covet list for months now (along with everything else they've launched) given its uniquely sleek and sexy design. Don't get me wrong, I love the thick and plush kinds that give you the waistline of a gummy bear, but sometimes you want a bit of style—even if you're just padding around the house. And this one has style in spades. It's made from a soft blend of Pima cotton and modal which gives it a bit of stretch and features thoughtful details like a snap at the neckline (which lays beautifully unsnapped as well), inside and outside ties to keep it in place and a raw edge that gives visual interest.

Target Stars Above soft robe

Target Stars Above soft robe

Target's Stars Above Collection is a fan favorite among Target shoppers (so, like every mom I know basically) and understandably so. Like the rest of the line, this shortie robe comes in a wide range of sizes, is cloud-soft and super affordable.


Monarch Cypress diamond waffle lined in fleece robe

Monarch Cypress diamond waffle lined with fleece robe

If you've ever stayed at a super fancy hotel, chances are you've considered slipping the sinfully luxurious robe into your suitcase when you leave. And whether it's your upstanding morals or fear they'd tack on the $250 retail cost to your bill, it's likely you went home robeless. Well, listen to this fun fact. Monarch Cypress is actually the supplier to many of the 5-star hotels—including The Four Seasons (not the landscaping company. I checked.) I've insider scoop that this particular style is the exact version The Four Seasons stocks in all its oversize, cozy and luxe glory. It features a waffle weave outside and plush fleece lining and is priced at 57% less than the hotel retails it for. (But if you really want that tree logo , be my guest!)


Kim + Ono long charmeuse kimono robe

Kim + Ono long charmeuse kimono robe

Sometimes you just want something that makes you feel like a lady. A fancy, sophisticated and powerful lady. So what if you've got oatmeal in your hair and your boobs might leak at any moment? The gorgeous and sexy kimono style robes from Kim + Ono make you feel downright royal when you slip them on. They offer silk versions, but let's be real. Unless you're actually royalty ain't nobody got time for dry clean only robes around here. My favorite Kim + Ono styles are made from a high-quality charmeuse which feels breathable despite being synthetic and washes like a dream every time.

Gravity x Modernist weighted robe

Gravity x Modernist weighted robe

After the year we've had, weighted blankets are not enough. Give me weighted allthethings , please. Starting with the robe I never knew I needed. A collaboration between the OG weighted blanket brand Gravity and Modernist Studios, the brilliant design marries a cushy fleece robe with the relaxing weight that we've come to know and love. Hidden in the collar is a three-pound wrap that hugs your neck and shoulders, harnessing the power of deep touch pressure stimulation to promote stress reduction and relaxation. When it's time to wash, just unzip the pouch and remove the wrap. Ahhhh.

Posh Peanut leopard print robe

Ashley Robe

I discovered Posh Peanut through their buttery soft baby clothes, which my babies still wear regularly. Their robes are made of the same incredible material and have the most fun prints. I took my robe to the hospital with me for after delivery and have since bought several others in different colors and print because they are both a more affordable option but also the softest thing ever. ​

We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You've got this.