With her laid-back style and earth-mama vibe, Stone Fox Bride's Molly Guy is taking the birth of her second baby in stride. Everything about the creative director of NYC's most enchanting, anti-establishment bridal salon exudes cool, and she's approaching the big birth day with the same easy-going attitude.

“I'm much less stressed out than the first time around," Guy says, referring to her almost-3-year-old daughter Sunny, “almost to the point of being negligent when it comes to planning."

While she claims to be the “world's worst packer," the experienced Brooklyn mama knows enough to know what's in the bag is a lot less important than what it's all there for. “Keep the focus on getting that baby out!" she says. “Don't stress about the little things. You'll be back home soon enough."

Here are her 8 must-haves for those first few, sweet (and sweaty) days.

1. Stone Fox Bride KANTHA quilt. You never know what kind of germs are lurking on those hospital sheets — I love these soft quilts made from vintage saris.

2. S.W. Basics Cream. I live for this moisturizer, it keeps my skin super soft and refreshed.

3. Stone Fox Bride Vintage Caftan. Easy breastfeeding access is key, obviously.

4. Jean's Greens Women's Blend Tea. Lots of raspberry leaf to start toning my uterus ASAP. (Tea cup from ABC Home)

5. Earth tu Face Toning Mist. Smells like the most fragrant wholesome organic summer rose garden — might spritz a little on baby too!

6. The Collected Poems Of Richard Wilbur. I read this to my daughter a few hours after she was born. One of my favorite poems by Richard Wilbur: "The Writer" is about parenthood, fathers, daughters and the passage of time.

7. Ryan Roche Sweater. It's like wearing a blanket. Can't wait to snuggle my little nugget up in its cozy softness.

8. Dr. Bronners Peppermint Soap. Giving birth is sweaty business. The first thing I wanted to do when it was over was take a hot soapy shower!

Illustrated portrait by Jennifer Cascino of Famous Swan Productions. Molly is wearing: Ryan Roche Sweater; Ecote weekender bag.