Week-by-week photos of your pregnancy are a great way to capture your growing baby and the amazing changes your body goes through.

If you’re going to capture the changes, let’s make sure you know how to take some amazing pictures.

Looking back at the photos that I took during my pregnancy helps me remember the beautiful moments of feeling my baby move inside of me, the kicks, the hiccups, the amazing hair my prenatal vitamins blessed me with… and to remind myself that my body grew a baby!

So if want to share your growing baby body with all your friends on Facebook, or just capture it for you and your baby, keep reading to learn how to take stunning photos that represent this precious time in your life.

As a professional photographer & new mama, I’ve learned some tricks to capturing those lovely images. Here’s how to take beautiful week-by-week pregnancy photos.

Let in the light.

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When choosing a place to take your photos, look for a room in your home that brings in a good amount of light. Try a spot near a window, and take these pictures during daytime for the best outcome.

You can also choose to take the photos outside. When taking photos outside, try to avoid harsh sunlight so you’re not squinting or getting drowned in shadows. A place with some shadow is preferable for outside photos. Also keep in mind when taking photos outdoors that you will be taking photos for nine months, which may mean different seasons—so make sure you have a backup plan for not-so-great weather days.

Pro tip: Make sure that your face is facing the light.

Do a background check.

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Once you’ve found a well-lit room, or the perfect place outdoors, think about whats in the background where youll be taking photos.

I recommend finding a clean wall. A simple background ensures the focus is on you and your growing belly.

You can give the photo a lot of personality via your outfit or hairstyle, so keep the backdrop simple.

Designate a photographer.

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Who will be taking your photos for the next nine months?

Is your partner up for the challenge? Will your mom or friend be behind the lens?

Pro tip: Invest in a tripod. I knew my husband would have taken the photos if I’d asked him to, but since he’s not a photographer I didn’t want to burden him with the task. For my next pregnancy, I will definitely be using my trusty tripod and timer again.

If you’re using your phone, the Acuvar tripod is a great, inexpensive mount you can purchase. If you’re using a point-and-shoot camera, the Precision Design Tripod is a great beginner tripod.

Bonus: Once you have a tripod, you can also use it for taking pictures of you and baby once she is born. ??

What to wear?

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Now would be a good time to decide what look you’ll want to rock for these photos.

Do you prefer wearing different looks for each photo? Or will you want to wear the same outfit for every pic?

If you are planning to wear the same outfit, make sure you pick a look that can be worn from early pregnancy all the way until those last days.

I personally recommend a stretchy jersey material dress. These dresses really do accommodate your growing body. When picking one out, keep in mind that your body will keep growing. Buying a bit larger is never a bad idea.

Strike a pose.

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Posing for pregnancy photos is all about experimenting with angles.

Take a couple of photos to see what poses show off your bump and flatter your body type. Do you prefer facing perpendicular to the camera, or at a slight angle? If you’re facing sideways, play with how you position your face: Is it better to look directly at your camera, into the distance or at your belly?

Pro tip: I have found that placing one of your legs slightly forward gives most women a better bump angle than standing with the feet next to each other. It also gives the photo a more relaxed look.

Also keep in mind that after a meal your bump will look a bit larger than usual, and that right after waking up your bump will probably be at its smallest point.

Keep it consistent.

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How often do you plan shoot? Are you committed to taking a picture every week? If so, then I recommend setting an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to take each one. If not, take a slightly more relaxed approach by taking a photo every month—you can set a reminder in your calendar for one picture per month.

And if you really want to take some pregnancy photos, but let’s be real, your schedule is way too full and remembering to take photos is just not on your priority list, aim to capture one photo for every trimester and schedule professionally shot maternity photos.

However you do it, by documenting your pregnancy you’ll capture a special memory that you will have for years to come.

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