There's a lot of crazy surprises that come with having a baby. How much love you feel. How much sleep you don't get. And how many toys this tiny little person can bring into your life. Yes, it's practically a new parent rite of passage to look around your living room and say, “When did this place become a toy store?"

But not all toys are bad toys. In fact, some of them are pretty awesome. Like the ones from eeBoo. Known for their high-quality, beautiful, and thoughtful baby and kids toys and gifts, eeBoo is about inspiring creative and thoughtful playtime. Founder and NYC mom Mia Galison has staked her 20 years at eeBoo on paying attention to the details that no one else worried about, from the typography on the side of a box to the shade of coral pipe cleaners. From puzzles to card sets to matching games and more, each eeBoo toy will be the jewel of your toy chest, the one your child reaches for time and again.

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