The best adventures are often found when you stray from the beaten path, and that's especially true during the fall months. Whether hunting for the perfect pumpkin or taking the scenic route on an evening walk, there is much to discover—and appreciate—in the autumn season.

When on a mission to enjoy the crisp weather with baby in tow, babywearing really is the best way to go further and explore more. Just in time, LÍLLÉbaby's New Serenity Collection is intentionally designed with adventures in mind—the multi-position seat means finding your own personalized fit is never a problem, and the ergonomic construction means an aching back won't put an end to the fun. It's comfortable for both you and baby.

While writing that fall bucket list, be sure to include these adventures made possible by babywearing:

1. Visiting the aquarium

Experiencing nature with your child means experiencing it with a renewed sense of wonder, but that doesn't need to end with summer. On cooler days, visit an aquarium and introduce your child to fish of all shapes and sizes. Plus, with LÍLLÉbaby's Serenity Collection carriers, you don't have to lug along a separate backpack—there are multiple built-in pockets and a matching storage pack.

2. Leaf-peep

The beauty of fall is that most streets and roads are covered with gorgeous leaves in every color of the rainbow. Suggest a family walk and narrate all you are seeing, smelling and hearing to your forward-facing baby. With the wide, padded waist belt and lumbar support of LÍLLÉbaby's Serenity Collection carriers, taking the scenic detour won't come at the expense of your back.

3. Explore an art fair

Go explore a local art fair and introduce your little one to new colors and shapes (and maybe some tasty treats!) Rather than getting stroller wheels stuck in the mud, babywearing lets you explore until you've found the perfect new piece for your home. In case the fair turns into a marathon event, keep a toy clipped onto baby's carrier for added entertainment.

4. Cheer for your favorite team

Football season is the perfect opportunity to introduce baby to your local sports scene. Coordinate in your team's colors and keep your little one close for a pre-game round of cornhole. It also helps to have a carrier that doesn't require a degree to figure out how to easily put on or take off.

5. Shop the farmer's market

If you are up early and ready to tackle the day, stop by a farmer's market! Stock up on fresh fruits and veggies for the family while introducing your child to bright berries, hearty greens and other favorites. You'll have a much easier time navigating the rows of vendors if you're babywearing and hands-free. And no problem if some fruit juice gets on the carrier—just toss it in the wash.

By keeping baby close and cozy through it all, you're really getting the best adventure of all: The chance to share the experiences—together.

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