If you, like me, are an '80s girl, you will be especially thrilled to meet the new American Girl Doll announced recently. Her name is Courtney Moore and she is all 1980s. She's a video game lover and loves to spend her free time playing Pac-Man at the mall arcade (OMG, can you hear the video game's soundtrack playing in your head already? Because I can!). She also loves astronauts and lives with her blended family. Courtney and her step-sister Tina don't always get along (hey, totally normal) and now that their mom is running for Mayor things are changing even faster for these two Californian girls.

Courtney's accessories will bring you down memory lane pretty hard. She comes with Lip Smackers lip gloss, a mini Caboodle and a set of Care Bear pajamas (BTW, did you hear they are making a comeback? They are!) and her own Walkman with an extra cassette. Her outfit is also mega 1980s with a high-waisted acid-washed denim skirt, a neon crop top and white pleather boots. Courtney has blue eyes and sandy blonde curly hair (is it a perm? Probably).

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Courtney Doll

American Girl


1. Courtney Doll

Ideal for ages 8 and up, Courtney comes with the first book of her series Courtney Changes the Game.

Courtney's™ PAC-MAN™ Arcade Game

American Girl


2. Pac-Man arcade

Courtney loves video games so much she has her own arcade. This one actually plays the 80s game, comes with a rechargeable battery so no quarters needed!