It's one of those things that my kiddo just go stuck on: making the bed. Actually, it was more than the fact that making the bed is challenging. The problem was, that for my special needs child , once a bed was made their brain didn't want to unmake it when it was time to go to sleep. They would rather sleep on top of the covers than "ruin" the made bed.

As the mom of a neurodivergent kiddo with sensory issues , I understand that some things that the rest of us take for granted can become roadblocks for children with disabilities. That's why I'm always looking for little life hacks to help us overcome challenges, and why I am so happy I got to try Beddys.

Other special needs mamas in my groups kept recommending the zippered bedding to me, but the price was just out of my reach. A twin set retails for $200, and that's just way more than my family would usually spend on bedding.

But I had the opportunity to test out a twin size Beddys set for my child... and it was a game changer from the first night.

Yes, mama, Beddys are expensive but they are worth it.

What is Beddys?

Beddys are a one-piece bedding solution. The whole thing (comforter and all) fits like a fitted sheet, and has two zippers going up the length of the comforter (which is lined with the loveliest mink-y fabric, perfect for sensory-sensitive kids who say bedsheets are rough).

Why I love it

The very first night with the Beddys my child slept under their covers. The zippers not only make it easy to make the bed, but my child loves that they make the bed feel snug and safe AND that a perfectly made bed isn't "ruined" when they get into it at night.

Adding Beddys to our bedtime routine made nights easier (because kiddo will actually get under the covers) and mornings easier (because kiddo can make their own bed).

The zippers are actually really sturdy (with an easy to grab zip pull) and my child loves to zip themselves up when it is time for lights out.

The other great thing about it is that laundry day is easier. Making the beds is like my least favorite chore, but switching to Beddys means that my child's bed is done in a blink. I'm not tucking and tucking and carrying on. Because Beddys is one piece and elasticized on the bottom like a fitted sheet, it is easy to get fresh bedding on.

Bottom line: Beddys is more expensive than traditional kids bedding. But it is also keeping my child asleep at night (because they will actually sleep under the covers) and keeping their room tidy. It is an investment, but if it can help your kids sleep better and reduce the time you spend making beds, it is worth it, mama.

Modern gray in toddler size

Modern Gray Toddler (Minky)

A super neutral gray, with no purple undertones, perfect for any gender neutral room.

So Grape for bunk beds

So Grape (Minky) - For Bunk Beds

Making bunk beds does not need to be your least favorite task of the day anymore. These Beddys are especially made for every kids' favorite bed.

Checked Out for adults

Checked Out (Minky) - For Adults

Who said Beddys is just for kids? Get the entire family into making beds, with this adult set that will mean never seeing an unmade bed ever again.

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