Let's face it, mamas: An apropos synonym for "mom" could be "lady who holds things." When you've got a baby, you're juggling bottles and pacifiers, diapers and wipes. But all that gathering of items doesn't end when potty training begins . No, you don't need a diaper bag anymore (and if you're like me, you were more than ready to say goodbye to yours!), but you still need a vessel to carry the many, many things that children need within arm's reach at all time.

Like my 5-year-old son, for example. He's allergic to nuts and gets wheezy if he's running too much, so I need an Epi-pen and inhaler with me at all times. But he's also a collector, asking me to hold the precious assortment of rocks he just gathered in a parking lot. And let's not forget the other stuff I'm carrying around! You know, the water bottles and the snacks and the crayons—and I'm not even counting my precious few items.

Point being, you still need a bag, just not a diaper version. And while I love me a tote, those things get heavy and weigh you down when they're full to the brim, which mine always is.

Enter: The mom backpack. Easily accessible and chock full of pockets, backpacks aren't just for students anymore. We love that these chic carryalls allow you to have all your stuff close by and have your hands free when you're traversing through the city or chasing kids around a playground. Not to mention the fact that the weight of the backpack is evenly dispersed across your back, whereas a tote or cross-body weighs down just one (aching) shoulder.

Below are the best backpacks for all types of mamas:

For the Daily Grind Mama: Mina Baie

Mina Baie vegan kinney

Why it's our fave: If you're on the hunt for a daily backpack that's as stylish and multifaceted as you are, look no further than Mina Baie's Vegan Kinney Backpack . Made of microfiber vegan leather, the bag is water-resistant and easy to clean… meaning you don't have to worry the next time a sippy cup leaks and soaks your entire bag. It has four exterior pockets and eight pockets on the inside (including an insulated bottle pocket), in addition to an attached key ring strap and and a built-in padded laptop sleeve. We love that no one would ever guess it's actually a diaper bag.

More to know: If you're not feeling the backpack style for the day, the Vegan Kinney easily converts to a cross-body or shoulder bag.

For the Minimalist Mama: Jujube


Why it's our fave: Sometimes you just need the essentials. The Midi Backpack from Jujube has enough space and organization to keep you ready for whatever the day holds all packed up in a lightweight and minimal design. The stylish gold hardware and durable twill looks chic while also offering practical mama-friendly stain, mold and mildew resistance. Comprised of four interior and three exterior pockets including two on the sides that can accommodate generously-sized water bottles, this backpack is a bit more compact than the others on our list, but still offers lots of places to gather your stuff. (Like my son's ever-growing seashell collection!).

More to know: This one is perfectly sized for your mini as well, so feel free to share (or not!).

For the Multitasking Mama: Caraa Baby Bag


Why it's our fave: From day care drop off to the gym to the office, Caraa offers the features you need to be prepared for it all. Made from cloud-like waterproof nylon, this is actually the ultimate diaper bag disguised as a backpack. Not only does it have easy-to-access pockets to keep you organized, the side pockets are insulated to keep water bottles and sippy cups cool. What's more, it comes with a removable caddy to easily slide all your diapering needs in and out depending on what they day holds. Available in two sizes with prices starting at $275.

More to know: The travel-friendly back sleeve easily slides over the handle of your rolling suitcase to keep you as nimble as possible when you're getting from point A to B.

For the Traveling Mama: Paravel

paravel backpack

Why it's our fave: If you're headed on a family trip and want to have multiple bag options when you reach your destination, Paravel's Fold-Up Backpack is exactly what you need. Incredibly lightweight, the nylon backpack 13x16-inches in size when unfolded, but can be tucked into a 6x6-inch pouch when not in use. Beyond that, we love the bag's preppy color options, the white piping details and the thick adjustable back straps (that are also framed in cute white stripes!).

More to know: For an extra $15, you can embroider up to three initials on the backpack in eight different color choices.

For the Cozy Mama: Dagne Dover

dagne dover backpack

Why it's our fave: It wasn't until we slipped Dagne Dover's Dakota Backpack onto our body that we immediately realized we need more neoprene in our live! Sure, we love that the fabric is hand-washable and quick to dry, but more importantly it's squishy and soft and oh my gosh , everyone needs this backpack. Luckily, the Dakota isn't a one trick pony. Comprised of a lot of storage—we're talking designated spots for your keys, phone, lip balm and your kids' muddy soccer cleats in a separate (but matching) shoe bag—the backpack has five outer pockets and a nifty interior sleeve that locks in a 13-inch laptop. Back to that neoprene though! Because it's such a fluffy, insulated material it is superb at absorbing and distributing the weight of your bag, making it the most comfortable backpack on our list.

More to know: The Dakota comes in three size ( small , medium and large ) and nine colors, from a bright yellow to a stately navy .

Prices vary from $135.00-$149.00

For the Working Mama: Kroser Laptop Backpack


Why it's our fave: Whether you're carting toddler essentials or all things work-related, the thing you need most at this very moment never fails to sink to the bottom of your bag. Forget rooting around in a cold sweat—instead, get a clear top-down view with this doctor bag style backpack. An Amazon best-seller with an impressive 18k+ ratings, Kroser's commuter-friendly backpack has racked up a significant fan base of people who use it for everything from travel and work to adventuring about with kids in tow. The leather and nylon exterior (which also comes in plain black) not only looks chic, but is also water-repellant to keep things safe and dry. Inside, it packs enough space and organizational pockets for a 15 inch laptop, larger items like a camera or change of clothes and small things like your wallet and keys. And at less than $40? A STEAL.

More to know: Our favorite feature? The built-in USB port that conveniently allows you to charge your phone with any connected power bank inside the bag. (You'll have to purchase that separately.)


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