I'm not much of a makeup or accessories person. Don't get me wrong—I LOVE those things—I just don't generally get an opportunity to spend tons of time on my makeup and most of the accessories I buy nowadays are to adorn my toddler's outfits (I mean, of course he needs that cool winter hat with dino spikes). But there is one item that I always throw on when I need to feel a little more put together and a little bit more like myself.

Even if I have dirty 3-day old hair that's up in a mom bun and even if my shirt is a bit stained from when my son tried to "feed" me his oatmeal, the minute I throw on a pair of really great earrings I feel like a better version of myself.

There's something to be said about the transformative power of these. A fun dangly pair can add some lightness to a day that feels heavy from t he mental load . A classic hoop adds a touch of chic that can help elevate a standard leggings outfit. And a solid pair of fun studs can add even just a bit of something to bring some attention to your beautiful face.

Don't believe me? Just try it. Here are 10 of my favorite earrings.

​Classic tortoise hoop earrings from J. Crew

Any time I can score something from J.Crew for under $20 I'm pretty happy. These are my current go-to hoops. I love the tortoiseshell design that's more interesting than a solid black, and they go with almost any mood I'm feeling that day, whether it's casual or a bit more dressy.


White squiggle hoop earrings from Mulberry and Grand

From classic to quirky. I trade in my standby tortoise hoops for these when I'm feeling a little bit more playful.

Ear cuff from Madewell

Who says earrings have to come in pairs? I'm loving this one for adding an extra something to your ears without having to get them pierced. You just place this around the thinnest part of your ear and gently squeeze to help it stay in place.

Romantic lace statement earrings from Etsy

I love how delicate—yet statement-making—this pair is. I throw these on for a date night or when I'm about to meet up with a friend for that girl's night we planned 3 months ago, rescheduled, and then finally got on a calendar.


Bright pink chain link earrings from Mulberry and Grand

I love these for going from day to night. They're completely work-appropriate and add a touch of fun to your standard work uniform, but then will go along with the ride when you whip off your blazer and head out to happy hour with your co-workers.

Simple gold earrings from J. Crew

These add just the right amount of sparkle and feel more fun than your standard gold stud. Sometimes simple really is better.

Coral matte hoop earrings from Mulberry and Grand

Are you sensing that I love hoops? Well I do, and these thick chunky ones are so great. I wore these with my standard mom uniform of jeans and a t-shirt, but I still felt like I was feeling fresh.

Flower pendant earrings from Zara

I love a great over-sized earring but the neutral color palette of these don't make them feel overwhelming or too busy. These go with a really great no-makeup look and simple hair (either up or down).


A different kind of diamond stud from Madewell

These are the perfect everyday "diamond" earring. They are especially helpful if you have a baby or toddler who likes to tug on dangly earrings like my son did when I used to feed him.

Safety pin earrings from BaubleBar

Everyone will do a double-take when they see these on. I love that they can totally be worn every day but they're just a little bit more quirky than a standard pair.

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