It's fun to buy for these early elementary-school-aged kids because their play is generally a lot more independent from parents, but at the same time can be more social with their friends or siblings if they have them. Their worlds really start to open up around this time, and their sense of purpose blooms as some families give their 1st through 3rd graders more responsibility around the house like regular chores or more choices over their day to day lives (what to wear, what to eat, etc).

In short, our babies are growing up. 😭

Here are our favorite holiday gifts for 6-8-year-olds. There's something here for every kid:

For the one who is an aspiring YouTuber: Wooden Digital Camera

Why not give your content creator the ultimate tool they need and make it cool? This digital camera is made with real wood but has all the bells and whistles of a standard camera including an 8MP camera resolution and video recording capabilities.


For the one who loves hearing true stories from the past: Honest History Magazine

Learning has never been so cool with this colorfully illustrated magazine that focuses on historical moments but makes them attainable and fascinating for our elementary school kids. They'll give you a story of one historical figure and then gives kids the full context around who they were and what world they lived in. They explore topics like the race to space and the rivalry between Tesla and Edison. Individual issues start at $15.95


For the one who lives to solve problems: Curiosities of the World 3D puzzle

Why not level up on a regular puzzle with this amazing 3D version that can also serve as a deconstructed globe? It features wonders of the world and monuments so that they can learn just how amazing our world truly is.


For the one who is so brave: I am Brave bracelet

The world can sometimes be a scary place, but with the help of an amazing mama like you and this reminder from their bracelet, your little one will know they can take on anything that comes their way.


For the one who hates change: A Kids Book About Change

Really, you can't go wrong with any book from the "A Kids Book About" series, but as a mama with a kiddo who hates change, this one spoke directly to my heart. It breaks down how life is full of big and little changes and helps kids learn how to cope when it all feels like too much. Other favorites from this series are the ones that cover racism, emotions and feminism.


For the one who loves DIY *and* ice cream: "I Scream Ice Cream" pottery painting kit

This is like two gifts in one for your crafty kiddo. The kit comes with a paintable ice cream cup and spoon (that are totally food safe), paint brushes, a color palette and more so that they can customize their own ice cream eating tools. We love that this helps your kiddo express their creativity while also being a practical piece of art they can use in everyday life.


For the one who is a total daredevil: Evil Knievel stunt cycle

Your little one is probably too young to get the reference for this throwback toy, but even without knowing who Evil Knievel is, this toy is some great old-school fun. It's a wind-up toy (no batteries required!) that lets your daredevil live out their fantasies with ramp jumps, flips and pure speed. It's some good old-fashioned kitschy fun.


For the one who is always on the go: Segway eKickScooter

If you feel like splurging this year, why not get your kiddo an electric scooter from the brand that is the ultimate in 2-wheeled transportation? This kickscooter from Segway gives your littles a smooth ride with just one kick to start it going. Parents will love the thoughtful safety features like the anti-skid tires, the high performance hand brake system and the front shock absorption.


For the one who needs a new jacket and a snuggly buddy: Papo the Panda down jacket

While on the surface, this jacket might seem a little ho-hum to your second grader, you can show them the secret surprise that happens when you fold the jacket up and it turns into a beloved little panda plush!


For the one who loves to read: Bravery magazine

This is one of my favorite magazines for both boys and girls. It features a female changemaker, leader, dreamer or doer in every issue. They can be inspired by the amazing women who have come before us, like the Notrious RBG, Frida Kahlo and Bessie Coleman.


For the one who loves to look up at the stars: Moonscope telescope

This affordable beginner telescope lets your little one explore the world around and above them. It might induce questions like, "What is the moon made of," "What is a star?" and, "Why can't I see the sun at night?" The best part is that you can find the answers together.


For the one who loves to accessorize: Day of the week hair slides

For your kiddo who loves to do up their 'do, these day of the week hair slides are the perfect finishing touch. We love that it's a colorful rainbow for every day of the week.


For the one who sometimes feels anxious: Arrgh Giant stress ball

While this is definitely a kid's toy, some parents might find themselves reaching for this as well since, you know, 2020. It's a great sensory experience for anyone who is worried. They can just squeeze, punch and smoosh their anxiety away.


For the one who has all the energy: Lil Recreation Kit

This has everything your Energizer Bunny needs to jump, kick and run around to their heart's delight. Love that it features old school games like Double Dutch and kickball.

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