Gift giving is relatively easy when little ones are 3 years oldā€”the name of the game is to be thoughtful and practical. But, let's be honest, how can you possibly give a gift to someone who has a new interest by the second? Pair that with your desires to get something fun, functional (we know you're tired of seeing toys around the house they played with for just a few minutes) and even educational, and the stress will make us wish we were dealing with a tantrum. Okay, not really. But, if you're the parent of a threenager, the last thing you need is any more drama in your life.

We hear you, mama. That's why we selected 19 picks that are sure to make any preschooler smile this holiday season as they develop their independence and growing personality.

Loog guitar

Loog Guitar

This beginners guitar is not just for play timeā€”it can actually teach your children how to play the guitar. Designed with three strings it's perfect for tiny hands to help them learn and have fun from day one.


Mini astronaut + suitcase

MERI MERI  Mini Astronaut Suitcase

Little explorers will love to blast off to space with this amazing gift. Featuring a mini suitcase that's beautifully illustrated with a spaceship, it comes with a brave astronaut and jet pack inside. Perfect to take on travels or for imaginative play at home.


Vintage balance bike

JANOD  Vintage Scooter Balance Bike

Designed to resemble a retro scooter, this ultra-stylish wooden balance bike helps toddlers develop their balance and coordination.


Mindful Moments: guided exercises and mantras for kids

Boundless Blooms

Designed to introduce even the youngest kids to mindfulness, these colorful cards help them learn new ways to move, breathe and take a moment for themselves.


Tabletop easelĀ 

alex easel

We šŸ’œ this wide base easel that's sure to inspire hours of imaginative play. Gift it solo or pair it with Farm Finger Crayons, another one of our faves.


Safari dough setĀ 


Sensory play is not only beneficial to developing brains, but often a real time-buyer for mamas. This squishy set comes with four doughs with different smells and colors, and three steel animal shapes to make a whole safari crew.




We are all for anything that inspires our preschooler want to finish a meal. The chic design makes this lunch box one of our go-to's. It's easy to clean and the separate temperature zones mean you can store ANYTHING in it.


A mini cast iron skillet

3.5 Inch Mini Cast Iron Skillet

Sure, toy kitchens are fun... but how about you start teaching your kiddo how to cook? This tiny 3.5 inch cast iron skillet looks exactly like a regular sized one. Get them involved in frying eggs, or just pretending to cook for their stuffies.


Wooden doll house

PLAN TOYS  Wooden Green Dollhouse

Can I move into this doll house of my dreams? It includes a wind turbine, a solar cell panel, electric inverter, recycling bins, a rain barrel, a biofacade and a blind that can adjust the amount of sunlight and air circulation.


Reebok Classics shoesĀ 

Reebok Classics Classic Leather

It's all about being sturdy and stylish when it comes to toddler shoes. Your little one will feel comfy while the durable rubber sole gives them traction to run the playground. And no worries, if white isn't your thing, there are several other cool colors.




We realize this isn't the most inspired gift pick, but if we had to pick the one toy our preschooler goes back to again and again, this would be it. They are truly a must-have!


Crayola's scribble scrubbie pets

Crayola Scribble Scrubbie Pets! Tub Set with 6 Markers

This playset brings kids crafts to life with four washable toy animal figures that kids can customize again and again! Set aside your traditional coloring books and grab a pooch or a kitten to color instead with six washable markers. When you're ready for something new, drop them in the scrub tub and use the scrub brush to get them cleaned up.


Garnet Hill kids' boiled wool slipper boots

Garnet Hill Kids' Boiled Wool Slipper Boots

If you're looking for breathable wool that keeps little feet warm and comfy, Garnet Hill slipper boots are worth a try. Fans rave about the knit cuff that makes them a breeze to get on and off and the whimsical creatures and characters make them favorites for kids too.


Kinetic sand castle set

Kinetic Sand Colorful Sandcastle Set

Perfect for playing inside (yay kinetic sand!) it's the squeezable sensory sand where you can feel the fun.


Indoor trampoline

Little Tikes Easy Store 3-ft. Trampoline

Now that winter is around the corner and 3-year-olds need to burn some energy, this Little Tikes trampoline is ideal for those in cold weather areas with not that much space to run inside. Let them bounce for hours!


Clixo set

Super Rainbow

Filled with 57 colorful pieces in seven shapes and three spinners, Super Rainbow is perfect for collaborative playtime with other kids or whole family creations.


New York skylineĀ 

Machi Town (New York)

Celebrate a love of the city that never sleeps with the gorgeous minimalist play set from Kiko + GG. Featuring the world famous Empire State Building, Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, a "The BIG Apple" Tree, a famous Yellow Cab and a stretch limousine, each piece is inset with magnets to connect to the base plate. Use the chalk to draw anything you like!


Bilingual books + reading wand

HABBI HABBI  Starter Set: Bilingual Books & Reading Wand (English-Spanish)

As someone who is trilingual (English is not even my first language) the best gift you can give your children is knowledge. Let them explore Spanish (other languages available) with these books and reading wand. Just turn on the wand and tap anywhere in any Habbi Habbi book. Kids love the instant feedback and discovering the 'easter eggs'ā€”from hidden phrases to musical tunes.


The most comfortable pants


Finding pants that both my toddler and I love is hard. He wants to be comfortable and be able to run around and climb without feeling constrained. I want pants that are easy to pull down for potty breaks but also make him look put together. These joggers from DL1961 are exactly everything my son wants and everything I want.


A big kid mattressĀ 

Purple Kid Mattress

If you are ready to move your kiddo to a big kid bed, what better gift to give them than a mattress that's extremely comfortable and durable. It has a machine washable cover (because accidents happen) while also providing everything that Purple mattresses offer to adults: No Pressure Supportā„¢, sleeping cool and instant response.


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