When the ultrasound tech blurted out that we were having twins, my husband started laughing and I was in absolute shock . We had a toddler at home, we already lived in a tight apartment, and the idea of two more babies just overwhelmed me. Once we got past the milestone weeks, and my pregnancy progressed normally—with, in fact, two babies—I started freaking out about all the items we were going to need . So off I went to do some research.

Strollers were the only thing I didn't do any research on, and looking back now, I wish I had. When I was pregnant with our first, I took all the time to test strollers, read reviews and make a list of cons and pros. Eventually, I took my husband to test two brands, one of which we ended up buying. My biggest concern was a stroller that could grow with our family, allowing multiple children to ride in it (maybe I secretly knew I was going to end up with three under 3?). We bought it, used it a ton, and had everything ready for everyone to ride together in it when the twins came. Which they did for a little bit.

When the twins were about 4 months old, and waking up from the fourth trimester, we realized they didn't love riding on the stroller as much as their brother did when he was their age. Initially, I thought it was just one cranky baby, but it turned out that the stroller we had was the problem. We had one of those where one baby goes above the other one, which meant whoever was riding on the bottom seat complained because they couldn't see anything but the back of the top seat.

See, I should've researched because twin parents would've told me to get a side by side stroller so both babies can see you and then as they grow, be able to look at their surroundings.

Enter: the Bumbleride Indie Twin double stroller.

Bumbleride Indie Twin stroller

BUMBLERIDE Indie Twin - Double Stroller

We went with the grey color, which is stylish and different to other strollers in the market. Ideal to get you and your kids outside doing what you all love.

Mini board for toddlers

BUMBLERIDE Mini Board Toddler Board

Attach this mini board to the back of your double stroller and off you go with babies and toddler on board. It extends the life of your stroller while keeping it fun for everyone.

This highly-reviewed stroller is ideal for parents of more than one little one (and not necessarily twins) since the seats can be individually adjusted for each kid's needs. It's a stroller that grows with your kids since it can be used from birth with car seats or bassinets. Plus, you can add a toddler board for an older child to join the fun.

What I love about the Bumbleride Indie Twin are things I didn't even know I was looking for as a first-time mom buying our first stroller. For example, the canopy in this double stroller is so spacious and cover all of baby when you are out in the summer days. The break is easy to engage and even flip-flop friendly. The inflatable tires are truly all-terrain, making it an ideal stroller for travel since you can easily push it through sand, snow and trails. And it's so, so, so easy to drive! It comes with a strap for your wrist which I wear all the time because it's such a smooth ride I can push it with just one finger if I wanted. The stroller basket is big enough to carry all of our family's towels, toys and snacks when we head down to the nearest beach.

On top of the fact my babies love to ride in it, I'm most obsessed that this stroller is eco-friendly. The fabric is made from 100% recycled PET, and 25% of the plastic components are sourced from ocean plastics. It's not only a smooth ride for my babies, it's also good for the planet . Win-win.

But best of all? Walking with the twins is much easier since they both get to look around and marvel at the amazing world we live in.

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