I'm all about accessorizing. So much so that a recurring joke of mine is how I feel naked when I'm not wearing earrings, which rarely happens. I like bold statement jewelry and also things I can wear every day, especially now that my twins are in their "grabby" stage and want to pull on everything from my glasses to my nose and of course, my earrings.

When I found these Linjer tiny hoops, I was drawn to them because they are chic but also tiny fingers can't get into them and rip them out of my ears. After reading all the 5-star reviews they have (yes, all the reviews are good, that's how awesome they are), I did some Googling and found that they are an all-time celebrity favorite. From Brie Larson to Millie Bobby Brown , these earrings are A-list worthy, so obviously I had to try them .

I put them on about two weeks ago and haven't removed them since. Yes, their website recommends taking them off to shower to preserve them, but I'm a mom of three under 3 so...showers? What showers? Despite that, these earrings have shown zero wear and tear and are as lovely as they were when I first put them on.

They come with a little pearl, which even though I'm not a pearl girl, I love the dangly effect and the way it adds just a bit of fanciness. You can also remove the pearls for a more classic look, so basically these are two sets in one! There are two colors available, gold and silver. I went with gold because all my other piercings got a recent upgrade to gold (#adulting, right?) so I wanted these to coordinate with the rest of my ears.

My babies have not been able to put their fingers in them nor rip them off my ears. Now to the price point, which is truly unbeatable. Usually $87, but on sale right now for $72 (for the gold ones), these are the perfect thing to gift yourself (who doesn't deserve a little something special these days), something thoughtful to send your friend who just had a baby or a 'thank you' gift for your own mom. I'm actually plotting to get another pair for my second ear holes because they look ah-mazing stacked.

Trust me when I say this: These earrings are absolutely worth it.

Kirsten Pearl Huggies - Gold

LINJER Kirsten Pearl Huggies

This piece is true gold vermeil. It has 925 silver at its core and is plated in a thick layer of 14K gold.

Kirsten Pearl Huggies - Silver

LINJER - Kirsten Pearl Huggies

A precious metal alloy made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals. This is a standard base material in high-end jewelry.

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