When I had my first baby, I was thrilled about all the outfits, toys and overall adorable items I could get for him. However, I quickly realized that baby products are not always eco-friendly . Additionally, it was incredibly important that anything coming into contact with his soft, delicate skin was safe and gentle.

I began a quest to find products that are safe for our planet, kind to baby's skin, and actually work. From compostable diapers to all-natural butt balms, I found so many options. Now, as a second-time mom of twins, I get to worry less about what I'm putting on them and in the trash.

Here are the eco-friendly baby products I'm loving:

Eco Pea diapers

Eco Pea bamboo diapers

Babies go through so many diapers, and with twins, that meant double the amount. Talk about overwhelming. Eco Pea bamboo diapers are great because they come with all the benefits of regular diapers (wetness indicator, hypoallergenic and blowout guard), and they're biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Noleo diaper cleanser

Diaper Cleanser + Organic Pads + Travel Bottle

The Noleo diaper care system is basically a poop eraser. I've tested it both with my newborns and toddler, and it's worked fantastically with all of them. You can make diapering truly eco-friendly by using washcloths instead of the cotton pads to fully replace baby wipes (which all parents use a million of). One 8-ounce bottle of the cleanser lasts about four weeks and replaces up to 150 baby wipes.

Pipette baby cream to powder

Baby Cream to Powder

I discovered this brand while I was very pregnant with twins and became obsessed with their belly products. Once the babies were born I tried all they have to offer and I'm now a fan. This cream to powder has been excellent for helping soothe mild skin irritations in baby folds (like on their chubby thighs or arms) and keep them nice and dry to avoid more. All of the ingredients are plant-derived and cruelty-free.

Believe Diapers

Believe Diapers

Truly sustainable diapers made with the highest quality materials, and ready to hold all of your baby's pees and poops. I can say this with certainty because I tried the diapers on my twins and can report zero blowouts happened with these. That's right, zero. But beyond being sustainable (which is really important to me when it comes to disposable diapers), Believe Diapers also give back. The brand will not only donate one pack of diapers for every pack sold, but they will also be donating 1 million diapers to Good+ Foundation , a leading nonprofit organization that is working to dismantle multigenerational poverty and create an upwards trajectory for families in need.

Beb Organic diaper balm

Diaper Balm

This butt balm is 92% organic—which I'm all about—and fast acting, meaning diaper rashes will disappear right before your eyes (or more likely while baby naps). Ingredients include zinc, green tea and marigold which seals skin from germs and keeps your baby's butt nice and soft. It's also super reassuring to know that Beb Organics products are developed in collaboration with neonatal intensive care doctors and nurses and used at some of America's top hospitals and birth centers.

Little Butterfly bedtime bath milk

Floating on Clouds Bedtime Bathmilk

This natural and organic bedtime bath milk is relaxing and calming, helping baby get ready for (hopefully) a full night of sleep. The brand's mission is to take care of gentle, delicate baby skin while also not harming the planet so all their packaging is recyclable and all products are organic and cruelty-free.

DYPER biodegradable dipers


I first tried DYPER's diapers with my toddler and I was amazed by how they managed to contain everything and keep his butt happy. Plus, the fact that they are biodegradable made me feel a bit better about using disposable diapers instead of reusable ones. The company recently launched REDYPER, a service that allows parents to send back used diapers (yes, you read that correctly) and they take care of composting them for you.

Hello Bello soothing diaper rash cream

Soothing Diaper Rash Cream

To keep all the cute little butts happy and free of diaper rashes, I use this Hello Bello rash cream. It's hypoallergenic, mineral and plant-based and, most importantly, pediatrician-tested. What I love about it is that it's super thick to make sure the skin is properly covered, but easy to spread so all spots are taken care of. And, it's cruelty-free.


Evereden massage oil

Soothing Baby Massage Oil

Massages are great to soothe and calm little babies, while promoting that mama and baby bond. This massage oil is made with only five ingredients—all natural and organic and keep baby's skin smooth and nourished. It's great for eczema-prone skin as it is not greasy and absorbs quickly.

Esembly cloth diapers


If you are looking at cloth diapering but feel a bit intimidate by all the options, an excellent way to start is with Esembly's kit. It provides inner and outer layers, appropriate washing powder and a carry bag for dirties. The benefit of reusable diapers is that they generate zero waste and these ones in particular are super duper cute and stylish.


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