Baby wipes: the ultimate mama must-have. Perfect not only for tiny bottoms, but for cleaning dirty fingers, sticky faces, spilled milk, and for wiping away pretty much any mess that #momlife can throw your way.

But with recent studies suggesting that the use of infant cleansing wipes that leave soap on the skin may contribute to rising allergy rates, you might be asking yourself: what are the best natural baby wipes? And do they actually work?

We know decisions like these can feel overwhelming, mama, so we've gotten to the bottom of it for you (see what we did there?) with our go-to list of the best natural baby wipes. The wipes we've chosen contain some of the most limited amounts of hazardous ingredients on the market (as identified by the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Cosmetics Database), while still getting the job done.

Clean on, mama—here are the best natural baby wipes for all of life's messiest moments!



The 100% plant-based and EWG-verified natural wipes from Healthynest are setting a new standard for baby care. The brand, launched by the folks at Happy Family Organics clearly knows a thing or two about giving babies the healthiest start possible—and it shows. The wipes are not only ultra-soft and free of chemicals, parabens, sulfates, alcohol and fragrance—they're also made in California with a Rainforest Alliance Certified partner. Great for the earth, great for baby bottoms. What more can you ask for?


Water Wipes

water wipes

Dubbed "the world's purest baby wipes," Water Wipes contain exactly two ingredients: 99.9% purified water + a drop of fruit extract. You can't get much purer than that! The wipes are fragrance and alcohol free, yet still soft and absorbent. They're perfect for diaper changes and safe enough to use just about anywhere on baby (or mama!), from her face all the way down to her toes.


Eco Pea Co. 

eco pea co bamboo wipes

Super plush and as soft as the skin you're caring for, these bamboo wipes are about as luxurious as baby wipes can be. They're sustainably made from bamboo and totally fragrance- and chemical-free, which makes them a top choice for sensitive skin. And if you use them as a bath time stand-in at the end of a busy day, we're not going to stop you. The 12-pack will keep you in stock for a while, too!


The Honest Co

honest wipes

Boasting "cheek to cheek" versatility 🤣, we love The Honest Co.'s wipes for what they don't have rather than for what they do: no alcohol, chlorine processing, phthalates, parabens, or any other potentially harmful chemical. Honest Wipes are one of our favorites for functionality, too—they're large, durable, and moist enough to clean even the biggest messes. Prices vary.


Seventh Generation

seventh generation wipes

Great for sensitive skin, these thick, soft wipes offer safe and gentle cleaning for baby's bottom, hands, and face. They've been dermatologist tested and are hypoallergenic, fragrance free, and don't contain any alcohol or parabens. Prices vary.



babyganics wipes

These wipes are not only soft and gentle, but go one step further to nourish and hydrate baby's skin. Created with an exclusive seed oil blend containing a mix of tomato, sunflower, cranberry, black cumin, and red raspberry, the wipes helps support healthy skin development and deliver antioxidant protection. Prices vary.



An Australian startup brand relatively new to the scene, Joonya launched on the premise that it's possible to create a natural, eco friendly, and affordable wipe—and they succeeded. These skin safe, nontoxic wipes (that also come in an adorable package, btw) are infused with tons of nourishing oils and are made from all natural ingredients. They're also bio-degradable, which is a huge environmental win. They even offer a commitment-free membership option!


bloom BABY Sensitive wipes

Made from 100% hydro pure water and a plant-based formula perfect for sensitive skin, these jumbo wipes are safe, effective, and soothing. (They're even gentle on eczema.) The uniquely textured surface and extra large size means you'll only need one to clean up even the biggest of blowouts. Prices vary.


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