One of the most challenging parts of parenthood is the dreaded midnight feed. As much as you love that adorable little baby of yours, getting up in the dead of the night, sometimes more than once, can really wreak havoc on your beauty rest. Wouldn't it be nice to get a few of those precious minutes of sleep back?

If you're a bottle-feeding parent, you're in luck! The First Years brand new Remote Control Bottle Warmer is all about saving your sanity. Or at least a few minutes of it. Yes, you heard right: it's remote controlled. Simply add a bottle into this futuristic bottle warmer before bedtime, then warm it up remotely with the touch of a button, as soon as you hear baby stir. And drumroll....we're giving one away!

Want to win this cool new Remote Control Bottle Warmer? Check it out here, and then go ahead and enter below. (Just in case you don't win -- and we really hope you do -- you should probably add one to your registry too!)

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