You have mastered the art of breastfeeding your baby, but now your next task is to try to master bottle feeding your little one.

For some, the transition to bottle from breast can be very challenging. Sometimes it's simply because it's so inconvenient, and for others it's because your baby is outright refusing the bottle. Lucky for us, there are many companies trying to make this process much simpler for both baby and caregivers, and they have invaded the market with a wide variety of new bottles.

Here we've taken a look at 6 of the newer bottles on the market; three chosen because of their convenience factor and three due to their ease of transition from breast to bottle. Good luck!


If you're the mother out there who doesn't want to make the transition to the bottle because it's just too much work, here are three different bottle systems that may work for you:


I would say this is one of the most convenient bottles for those moms returning to work. The Twist is smart and convenient for the parent on the go – especially the mother who chooses to pump and serve. The bottle system comes with a pumping bag that can attach directly to the bottle. That's right: with the Kiinde Twist, it's as simple as pumping into the storage bag and placing it into the bottle system. Additionally, the bottle frame can be used with a variety of select nipples on the market. Another perk to this bottle is its nipple design, which is used to teach and reward a wide natural latch, attempting to mimic the suck on a breast.


This bottle is really great for a mother who is looking to pump and serve. Conveniently, this bottle includes a breast pump adapter that allows you to pump right into your bottle. This bottle also has new patented technology that preserves the breast milk nutrients and allows us to warm it up faster. Another perk is that the nipple is also designed to mimic the breast in terms of feeling ,and to decrease gassiness/colic.


Introducing the first self-warming baby bottle--just press a button and dinner is served. This bottle nipple also attempts to mimic the breast shape/feeling as well as provide anti-colic technology. To top it off, it even allows for the nipple to get warmed so that the baby truly feels like they are close to their mother's breast.


If you feel like you have tried every bottle under the sun and your baby is still refusing, give these top rated bottles a try:


Rumor has it that this bottle's technology does wonders to help ease the transition. Its design does a great job at mimicking the breast and providing anti-colic relief at the same time. Additionally, this bottle is easy to clean. Plus points for that!

Munchkin Latch

We've heard some good things about this new bottle system by Munchkin. This nipple actually pumps and moves, just like the mother's breast. Not only does this make the transition easier, but it also allows for the baby to get a better seal, resulting in less gas/colic. Different flow rates are also offered with this nipple.

Adiri Nurser Bottle

For an easy transition, this nipple shape is great. This bottle uses a wonderful design to help eliminate the gas bubbles which usually form in most bottles. There are also four different flow rates including newborn, which is critical when easing the transition from breast to bottle. This company also makes a bottle system where you can easily insert medicine as well.