As moms, there are a lot of things weighing us down. There's the actual stuff—laundry, chock-full dishwashers, sneakers that need to be replaced, playrooms overflowing with broken toys. And then there's the unseen stuff—well visits that need to be booked, classroom parties to plan, and oh so much more.

And all of that is a lot. But probably the biggest thing weighing me down as a mom is photos. Y'all, I take so many pictures of my kids, it plagues me. Some days it's dozens, other days it's a hundred. And they sit on my phone, then they get backed up on Google Photos. But I'm not actually doing anything with them. They're growing virtual cobwebs in my virtual cloud!

Enter: Aura. Featuring a rotating gallery of images that you upload directly from your phone, my family is obsessed with this frame—and we insist all other families need it!

Here's why: First off, it's super sleek and will look good on a kitchen counter or a bedroom nightstand (unlike some of its clunkier/plastic-y competitors). Second, it's really easy to use. If you're giving it as a gift, you can pre-load the frame so that all your 70-year-old mom has to do is open the box, plug it in and photos will appear. Yes, it's that easy.

Which brings me to Aura's third and best function: It allows unlimited contributors. And thusly makes it the perfect group gift for siblings or grandkids this Mother's Day (which is good because at $249-$299, the price is a bit steep!). For instance, myself and my sisters in Denver and New Jersey are all sharing photos of our lives and families to the frame perched right in our mom's living room. (How does it work? We downloaded the Aura app, synched it to the frame, allowed it access to our photos and just pick the ones we want to share!)

When friends ask me what is the best gift to get their parents, this is the product I always recommend. It keeps long-distance families connected, and gives grandparents what they want: More photos of their grandkids!

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