Getting quality sleep is *so* needed, especially while you're pregnant. I mean, after all you are growing an entire new human inside your body and that is exhausting by itself. However, with a growing belly, pee breaks through the night, and all the other discomforts pregnancy brings, sometimes it's hard to get good sleep when pregnant.

My husband calls me an expert sleeper—I can sleep anywhere, at any time, without any problem—but even I have issues with sleep when I'm pregnant.

So if you're wondering on how to improve sleep when pregnant, check out some awesome products that will help you get better sleep when pregnant because you deserve it:


1. A weighted blanket

If you haven’t heard about these before, let me tell you they are a game changer. You need to choose the weight of them based on your pre-pregnancy weight—it’s recommended to go with whichever is closest to 10% of your body weight. They also keep your body temperature at a comfortable level. Plus, you can totally machine wash it!

It takes a little bit of adjustment at first, especially if you are sharing it with your partner, but I’ve had fewer restless nights since getting one of these.


2. An ergonomic sleep mask

I didn’t understand the whole thing about sleep masks until I was a couple of days postpartum with my first baby and I just couldn’t fall asleep despite being exhausted. My husband offered me his sleep mask and even though our room was pitch dark it made me finally fall asleep. Since then, I’ve been a fan and have one handy in the bedroom and also ready to go with me on trips (you never know what the shade situation is going to be like!) They are also great for when you head to the hospital to give birth—if you have a long labor, you might have time to get a little rest.

I like the ergonomic version better because they *really* cut off the light.


3. A pregnancy pillow

I sleep on my belly so sleeping on my side is really hard for me during pregnancy. I start on the left side and the as soon as I fall asleep, my body flops and I’m face down on my pillow. I invested in a pregnancy pillow because it’s impossible to sleep on your belly once you have a bump and laying in my normal position was giving me terrible back pain. This pillow lets me rest comfortably on my side—I hug it with one leg to sleep. You’ll have to ask your partner for a little bit more space in the bed, but hey, you count for two right?


4. A white noise machine

I didn’t knew these things existed until we had to buy one for our newborn because he was not a fan of the white noise our Alexa made. Since he was sharing a room with us, I would listen to the ‘shhhhh’ noise all night long, but I didn’t notice it was helping me sleep better as well until we moved him out of the room. Shortly after, I bought one for our room as well because it makes everything just a little more peaceful.


5. A mini fan

Look, when you are pregnant (and during the first weeks of postpartum) you’ll be HOT. Like, sweating all the time hot. My husband initially got this fan for him but I quickly stole it and made sure it’s always on at night blowing some fresh air directly onto me. If you don’t want to commit to a full white noise machine, this fan can also provide a soothing sound to help you to sleep.


6. Maternity PJs

I will admit that this was not an obvious purchase for me at first. My naive first-time mom self thought I would be able to cruise through pregnancy wearing by regular pajamas. Boy, was I wrong! I highly recommend this pair because you can wear them after baby arrives for easy breastfeeding or pumping access.


7. A buckwheat pillow

Yes, this pillow is actually made of buckwheat! The benefits of it are excellent for expecting mamas: It’s cooling and it helps your head and neck to be in a more natural position, alleviating headaches and neck pain. It feels like a regular pillow and fits regular pillowcases so you can start snoozing as soon as you get it!


8. An essential oil diffuser

You can set the ~mood~ in your room for better sleep with some basic essential oils, like lavender. This diffuser will make sure your entire room smells lovely and won’t interfere with your sleep at all as it’s super quiet. You can even use it as a night-light if you need one for your middle-of-the-night pee breaks.


9. A nasal wash

You probably think this is a weird one to include here but hear me out: Pregnancy made me congested, congestion causes poor breathing and snoring, both of those cause bad sleep. This is a pregnancy-safe alternative for stuffed noses —whether due to a cold or just hormones—that is easy to use.

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