Relying on coffee to survive is one of the clichés about parenting that I think actually has some truth to it. Whether it's purely psychological or a physical need (or more likely, a combination of both), as a coffee drinker for 25 years, I can tell you one thing: mama NEEDS her coffee in the morning. And usually in the afternoon, too.

In the summer, I am all about iced coffee or cold brew (I'll occasionally whip up TikTok's Delgano coffee, too, when I have time). But as much as I love to hit up my favorite cafes for a daily $5 iced latte (these are NYC prices, mind you), my wallet does not feel the same amount of enthusiasm. It's downright expensive to buy coffee out, iced or hot, and that iced coffee addiction can really add up.

Mamas, if you're an iced coffee fanatic like me and rely on that morning jolt of caffeine, I want to help save you some money this summer. After doing some research, I bought the Takeya Deluxe Cold Brew Maker on Amazon. For a super affordable $20, I am waking up to a quart of iced coffee every morning, and I only have to head as far as my fridge to pour a glass.

Ready to stop wasting money on your iced coffee addiction? See why I'm loving the Takeya Deluxe Cold Brew Maker:

First, this is a night before operation, as the cold brew needs 10-12 hours to steep before it's ready. The product comes in three pieces: the container itself, a fine mesh strainer, and lid (bonus points? It's BPA-free). While it might take a minute to figure out how everything attaches, the handy instructions and online video will help answer any questions.

Pour your coffee grounds into the strainer, fill up with fresh water and attach, give it a little shake and place in your fridge overnight. And that's it! I was so pleasantly surprised at how good (and cafe-like) my iced coffee tastes, especially with a little sugar and oat milk mixed in.

Iced coffee doesn't have to be expensive, and this cold brew maker is a great way to easily get your caffeine fix and save a little money at the same time. Enjoy!

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