Move over Old MacDonald. There’s a new batch of Fisher-Price Little People in town and we love them so much we might just keep them for ourselves. (Sorry kids!)

After successful launches of pop culture icons like Run DMC, Ralphie and fam from A Christmas Story and Dunder-Mifflin all-stars from The Office, Fisher-Price is making all of my lady power dreams come true with two new sets that I’m trying very hard to not write about in all caps because THAT’S HOW EXCITED I AM.

Just in time for the holiday season, their Inspiring Women set includes the heroes Amelia Earhart, Rosa Parks, Dr. Maya Angelou, and Sally Ride. As we know, it’s never too early to introduce our little ones to history’s change-makers and share with them the inspiring stories of women who have shaped the world. Whether they’re chewing and drooling on Sally’s helmet or staging their own Civil Rights march, it’s not the sophistication of the play that matters–it’s that these icons become part of their educational fabric.

Speaking of which, let’s not underestimate the importance of teaching our littles about the trail-blazing, cheesecake-snacking, friendship-fueled Floridians (ok, I admit I’m projecting here, but stay with me) of The Golden Girls. Yes. I KNOW. You can now regale your littles with tales of St. Olaf and Sicily, 1938 (picture it!) as they play with Rose, Dorothy, Blanche and Sophia, each with perfectly 1980’s style. Talk about an instant conversation-starter. If your kiddo showed up to story time with one of these superstars in their chubby little hand, I would get a playdate on the calendar, stat. (Not because I want to steal their toys. Because I want to sit on the lanai and be your friend. If you threw a party…Ok. I’ll stop. But it’s hard.)

(P.S. They’ve also launched a Rolling Stones set and the irony of Mick Jagger as a children’s toy delights me to no end.)

All sets are available now except for the Inspiring Women Limited Edition Set which will be available at Target starting October 3. (We will update with links when it’s live!)

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