It's no secret that at Motherly, we're big fans of Montessori . The child-centered, scientifically-based approach to education not only helps foster self-confidence and independence, but can help strengthen the bond between parents and children. To take the guesswork out of it all, we've always recommended the Monti Kids Program . Their comprehensive toolkit bridges the education gap between birth and preschool with an engaging collection of toys, online classes for parents and personal coaching and access to a private community moderated by Montessori educators—but Montessori at home is more than just baby play time. That's why we're so excited about the brand's newest launch–Montessori kits that support key moments along the early parenting journey. While using Montessori at home might sound daunting, these new kits offer Montessori-based solutions to bond with your brand new baby, tackle the sweat-inducing challenge of potty training, create healthy (and helpful!) mealtime habits and even get you out the door on time.

Check out the new Monti Kids Montessori Kits below and learn how each one can help you and your little one thrive, whether you're already on the Montessori train or not!

Montessori Newborn Kit

monti-kids-newborn-montessori-kit The Newborn Montessori kit is your crash course in Montessori. While many families don't become aware of Montessori until their children are school-aged, there are many benefits of using the Montessori philosophy at home, starting from birth. This kit takes the guesswork out of play time, providing you with all the tools you need to bond with your little one and engage with them as they begin to discover the world around them then. It includes a painstakingly curated selection of developmentally appropriate toys, a child-safe mirror, a wooden book with black and white baby animals, double-sided black and white cards and a cotton rope basket to store everything. You're also provided with a guide on how and when to use each toy, weekly emails to support you along the way and access to their online hub to learn even more.

Montessori Cooking Together Kit

monti-kids-montessori-cooking-together-kit Children are naturally interested in preparing (and eating!) food so empowering them to help in the kitchen can be a wonderful first step in bringing Montessori into your home. Preparing food is a big part of Montessori classrooms for young children, and for good reason. It helps develop independence and confidence as children see that they can make food for themselves. It also helps develop organizational skills, as things must be done in a certain order for a recipe to be successful. Designed by expert educators, the Cooking Together Kit can help children as young as 18 months get involved in kitchen chores. The real working food-safe tools are sized just right for little hands and the ten recipe cards walk them through simple recipes they're sure to love. For you, it also includes a guide, access to their online learning center and membership into Monti Kids private online group for added support.

Montessori Toilet Learning Kit

monti-kids-montessori-toilet-learning-kit Yes, there's also a way to use Montessori to potty train . Starting with the language, actually. Montessori uses distinct language with children learning to use the toilet, exchanging the phrase "potty training" for "toilet learning." The difference may seem subtle, but reflects Montessori's emphasis on the child's engagement and participation in the process, while "training" implies a more passive role. This kit includes everything you need to support your child's bathroom independence, from a simple floor potty to a unique spout extender for easier hand-washing. Colorful routine cards and a sweet board book offer inspiration along the way. It also gives you access to online materials and support.

Montessori Self-Care Station

In Montessori classrooms, self-care is considered equally as important for little ones as academics. Learning to identify their physical needs, and begin to take care of them on their own, is a monumental step for them—and we are sometimes the biggest thing standing in their way. We're so often strapped for time want to avoid a meltdown, so we step in and do the job for them. But slowing down and allowing them to do it for themselves has a huge payoff. Independence, self-confidence and a very near future where they can help get themselves out the door on time–no nagging required. For children to help take care of their own bodies, the necessary materials have to be within their reach. This kid-friendly shelf is designed to be mounted at a height just for them, so they can access everything they need to get ready for the day. It's perfect for the bathroom, their bedroom or entryway, providing them a place to care for themselves that's all their own.
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