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The Simple Folk : Timeless + organic high-comfort play clothes

The Simple Folk's minimalist line of nature-inspired, ethical, organic and high-comfort play clothes are easy to wear, easy to wash and easy on the senses. Created by two mamas who wanted to outfit their children in clothing that reflected their lifestyle—and their philosophies of gentle parenting, free play and eco-friendly living—these timeless pieces are ideal for fall photo shoots, lazy days at home and everything in between. Each piece is handmade in Portugal and carbon brushed by hand to make them delightfully soft. In purchasing their products, you help support the Kikulu Foundation and their dedication to unlocking the potential of children in Uganda through access to quality education.

Bada Baby : The all-in-one solution for baby booties

When Alex and Joey Nay brought their preemie home, they struggled to find a solution for the persistent redness all around their little one's sensitive areas. Through tireless research, they stumbled upon a "magic diaper sauce"—well known to European mamas as oleo-calcerous liniment—and realized they had to bring it to the U.S. market. Thus, Baba Baby was born. Their all-natural cleanser not only tackles messy changes brilliantly, but also leaves behind a silky-smooth layer of moisturizer that helps prevent diaper rash and makes future clean-ups a breeze. Bonus: Every month, they donate 10% of their profits to Haiti Hope Alliance, an organization committed to equipping local Haitian leaders to serve their communities.

Little Muffincakes : Diverse, character-based baby basics—because representation matters

Grandma Debra Raney was shopping after the birth of her grandson, Ashton, and was "shocked to find slim pickings for products geared to children of color." So, she created them. By dreaming up two adorable and relatable characters lovingly named Ashton and Zhara, she's brought to market baby essentials that not only reflect the beauty of diversity but help to build the necessary building blocks of self-acceptance, promoting high self-esteem in children of color from birth.

BONUS! Cubcoats masks: Kid-friendly masks they'll actually want to wear

Like their hoodies and outerwear, Cubcoats masks were created with kids' sensibilities in mind. With fun patterns and clever transforming powers, these masks are back-to-school must-haves.

Not sure where to start? Here's what we're adding to our cart:

The perfect pajama

The Simple Folk perfect pajama

Slow mornings are made even more cozy with The Simple Folk's perfectly simple pajamas. Designed for cozy slumbers, this PJ is an instant heirloom piece, easily passed between siblings and future generations. We love that they come in a wide range of sizes to satisfy our matching siblings jammies obsession.

The boiler suit

The Simple Folk boiler suit

Get out of here with all this cuteness! This vintage-inspired piece is the perfect fall photo wardrobe pick for a little guy or gal, and made from organic tumbled cotton that plays hard but wears soft. Complete with treasure-storing pockets, it's ready for every leaf jumping adventure you have planned.

The sage dress

The Simple Folk sage dress

A dress that begs to be twirled in, this oh-so-perfect, slightly oversized, lightweight, organic linen number features wide ruffle short sleeves, buttons down the back and pockets for storing the treasures of the day. We're just sorry it doesn't come in your size, mama.

Baby Baby BadaBundle original

Bada Baby badabundle

Designed to replace wipes, diaper cream and lotion, Bada Baby's all-in-one diapering system will have you rethinking what diaper changing should look like. Just dispense a few pumps of their all-natural cleanser onto one of the ultra-soft cotton pads and easily wipe away even stuck-on poop. The solution cleanses and moisturizes in one fell swoop, keeping your little one clean and rash-free.

Little Muffincakes

Little Muffincakes black girl magic burp cloths

The Black Girl Magic Collection encourages girls to be fierce and confident, just like the magical women that came before them. Featuring a brand-new ballerina print with multiple costumes and hairstyles, this burp cloth set encourages little girls to embrace their own beauty from day one.

Little Muffincakes snap bibs

Little Muffincakes snap bibs

Super soft and generously sized, these bibs from the Black Girl Magic collection are perfect for your Little Muffincake.

Cubcoats Tomo Tiger reversible mask

Cubcoats tomo tiger reversible mask

Perfectly sized for kiddos, Cubcoats masks feature reversible designs, which can help offer a little bit of choice for the day.

Cubcoats Uki Unicorn mask buddy

Cubcoats Uki unicorn mask buddy

Lost masks are a guarantee this school year, but a mask this clever is sure to make it home. When not in use it transforms into a puffy pal kids can wear on their wrist or as a hair tie.

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