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Piccolina : Clothes for little ones who dream big

Nothing opens a person's eyes to how early gender stereotypes are forced upon us quite as clearly as becoming a parent. It's a problem for many reasons, including the fact that much of what is depicted in children's clothing and products actively discourages girls from being brave, curious, and scientifically-minded. Piccolina is dedicated to girls' empowerment and enrichment through gender-neutral, artist-designed clothing that seeks to change the narrative. Through their colorful and fun line, they're bringing real-life female superheroes like Rosa Parks, Malala, and Mae Jemison to the forefront and celebrating interests like geometry, architecture and robotics that girls clothes often lack.

Keyes Collective : Teaching tools for difficult conversations

Inspired by the sons of the founder, Lola Keyes Wood, Keyes Collective is on a mission to create opportunities for children to see images of black children, families and characters. When the world turned upside down with coronavirus, followed by the unavoidable and difficult conversations about racism, police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement, she wanted to create a teaching tool for families that could help kids understand the impacts on their daily lives in an educational and entertaining way little ones can grasp. Her engaging coloring books are the perfect place to get these conversations started.

Fresh Styles from Cubcoats !

Nothing from the Cubcoats line is just a piece of clothing. Their transforming hoodies, jackets, and shirts become plush pals that keep the fun going long after they outgrow them. We're so thrilled the line keeps growing!

Not sure where to start? Here's what we're adding to our cart:

Black Lives Matter short sleeve T-shirt

Piccolina Black Lives Matter t-shirt

Standing in solidarity with the Black community and those around the world fighting to end systemic racism, Piccolina has created this 100% cotton Black Lives Matter t-shirt in collaboration with artist, Erin Robinson.

Frida Kahlo short sleeve trailblazer T-shirt

Piccolina Frida Kahlo Short sleeve trailblazer tee

Inspiring artist, feminist icon. The Frida Kahlo shirt is the perfect way to celebrate your little one's inner artist.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg trailblazer long sleeve

Piccolina Ruth Bader Ginsburg trailblazer long sleeve tee

She may no longer be with us, but RBG's legacy lives on, stronger every day as we teach our little ones about her tenacity and trailblazing accomplishments.

Malala Yousafzai trailblazer T-shirt (for adults!)

Piccolina Adult's Unisex Malala Yousafzi trailblazer tee

With Piccolina's adult line, you can twin with your littles and celebrate all your favorite heroes like human rights activist Malala, Amelia Earhart , Maya Angelou and more .

Entomology long johns

Piccolina entomology long johns

Who says bugs are gross? Spark their interest in entomology with these comfy and colorful pjs.

Adventures with Hendrix & Lenox: Christmas Bundle

Keyes Collective Adventures with Hendrix and Lenonx

These timely coloring books combine creativity and learning with great illustrations and a glossary of terms. Presented in an educational way that little ones can comprehend, the coloring books can help start conversations about what is going on in the world around us.

Uki the Unicorn zip up

Cubcoats Uki the Unicorn zip up

This just might be the most fun zip-up we've ever seen. The subtle metallic horn (well, subtle as far as unicorn horns go, right?) and secret transformation mean it could be the only one they want to wear. Sorry.

Papo the Panda sherpa jacket

Cubcoats Papo the Panda sherpa jacket

Perfect for those in-between weather days, this super fun sherpa jacket won't get left in the lost and found.

Flynn the Fox pullover hoodie

Cubcoats Flynn the Fox pullover hoodie

We'd like to declare foxes the new unicorn. Put them on everything from now on, ok? Thanks. I mean, just look at how cute their ears are!

Uki the Unicorn T-shirt and marker set

Uki the Unicorn shirt

Ok, so maybe you don't want to encourage your kids to color on their clothes. But after the year we've had, anything goes, right? This fun shirt comes with four washable and non-toxic markers that kiddos can use to color, wash and repeat as much as they want.

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