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So, what’s new this week?

Willow : The wearable breast pump that changed the game

In 2014, Silicon Valley based Willow debuted the world’s first quiet all-in-one, in-bra wearable breast pump, completely changing the oft-maligned task forever. The innovative design, free of cords, tubes and cumbersome bottles not only allows for freedom of movement but moreover signals a shift in the way we think about postpartum. Lactation and the need to pump can’t limit or hold us back when it can be done from anywhere, at any time. Conference call? No problem. Squashed into an airplane seat? Got it. Paired with the smart app which helps track volume, view history, and receive personalized tips it’s truly the motherhood innovation of our generation.

Loyal Hana : Stylish, comfy clothes for the bump, the boob and beyond

The transition from pregnancy to motherhood can be a difficult one. Loyal Hana (“hana” being the Korean word for “one”) was launched by fashion industry alum Shelley Suh in 2014 with the mission of creating clothing that would make pregnant and nursing people feel confident, capable and beautiful. With discreetly hidden zipper openings, soft, machine-friendly fabrics and chic silhouettes, each piece of their maternity and nursing wear collection is thoughtfully designed with that in mind.

Madri Collection : Italian-inspired breastfeeding fashion made in NYC

Created by childhood besties who gave birth five weeks apart, Madri is a “ready-to-mother” line that empowers women to breastfeed everywhere. Their luxe, NYC made collection is inspired by Italian culture which “both holds the mother on the highest pedestal and unapologetically celebrates style.” (Sounds like we’ve got our post coronavirus travel plans.😍) We love the attention to detail in each piece which all offer easy access for nursing and pumping without overexposure or compromise in sophistication.

Not sure where to start? Here’s what we’re adding to our cart:

Willow hands-free wearable double electric breast pump

Willow hands-free wearable double electric breast pump

Pump wherever, whenever. The double electric design fits inside your bra so you can get the job done without being tied down. The proprietary technology brilliantly adjusts suction based on your comfort levels and offers continuous latch for spill-proof pumping in any position. Even downward-facing dog. Or, for those less motivated times, laid out on the couch. (You’ve earned it.)


Loyal Hana christy nursing and maternity top

Loyal Hana christy nursing and maternity top in grey speckle

Whether you’re rocking a bump or need to feed at a moment’s notice, this easy-going top is all kinds of mama-friendly. The tiered bottom gives a casual layered look without weighing you down while the grey speckle edges out of boring, neutral territory without getting too wild.

Loyal Hana ginger nursing and maternity top

Loyal Hana ginger nursing top

The effortless style of this maternity and nursing top makes a case for stripes we can’t deny. Not bold enough to pair it with plaid pants? No problem. It’s perfect with black cigarette pants, jeans of all walks and even leggings.

Loyal Hana Lily flutter sleeve nursing and maternity dress

loyal hana flutter sleeve

Can leopard print be understated? This dress says it can. With a delightfully feminine flutter sleeve and flowy top layer, the empire waist style flatters from the first trimester through the fourth.

Madri Collection the panel top

Madri Collection the panel top

Gaining utility doesn’t mean giving up sophistication. This two-layered blouse allows for easy breastfeeding access while keeping your midriff covered. The rest of the time, the shirt simply stuns from its tailoring, flattering fit and bold pop of color.

Madri Collection the crossover jumpsuit

Madri Collection the crossover jumpsuit

The 80’s called—they want their jumpsuit back. And guess what? We’re keeping it.

If you don’t have a black jumpsuit in your wardrobe yet, now’s the time to hop aboard the train, mama. Not only are they the Swiss army knives of the wardrobe world, but this beauty from Madri Collection is designed with your evolving needs in mind. The front panels provide quick access for breastfeeding and the exposed back zipper is a breeze to operate.

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