One of the first lessons you learn as a new mama? Don’t mess up the routine. Whether it’s a nap schedule or living your life around 3-hour breastfeeding increments , parents will go to great lengths to avoid unexpected changes for their little ones. But for many mothers, staying home to maintain a perfect schedule for their child isn’t realistic—or enjoyable. When my first daughter was born, I found staying home all day with a newborn to be incredibly isolating and lonely. The days we got out, whether to run errands or to spend an afternoon at a friend’s house or outdoors, were the days I felt healthiest mentally and emotionally. Fortunately, a compromise is possible. In the first year of my daughter’s life, I found ways to keep up our routine—no matter where our adventures took us. While we can’t go far right now, a road trip or a socially distant trip to Grandma’s house might be on your list.

Here are nine products that help everyone stay adaptable while on the go:

A portable travel crib

BabyBjorn Travel Crib Sleep is a non-negotiable, mama. But that doesn’t mean you need to cut every night short to make it home by bedtime. This ultra-light travel crib will fit in the trunk of your car and is easy to pull out for impromptu sleepovers at Grandma’s house or whenever you find you’re just not ready to leave a friend’s house yet.

A premium cotton nursing cover

Bebe au lait premium cotton nursing cover You won’t get far with a hungry baby, but it’s not always easy to find a discrete spot to breastfeed. This breathable cover gives you the privacy you want (or the distraction-free environment your baby might need) without even needing to leave the table or park bench.

A portable bottle warmer

The Baby's Brew portable bottle warmer Not breastfeeding? No problem! This brilliant battery-powered bottle warmer warms your baby’s bottle to the perfect temperature at the push of a button, and on-the-go formula dispenser keeps mealtime mess-free.

A comfortable baby carrier

baby tula carrier A nap that happens in a carrier still counts as a nap. In fact, many newborns are quickly soothed to sleep in carriers because they mimic the feeling of being in the womb (and the extra snuggles don’t hurt either). If nap time rolls around while you’re still on the go, pop your baby into this ergonomic carrier while you continue checking off your to-do list.

A portable bassinet

Lalo bassinet It’s a tale of woe for many parents: Your baby falls asleep in the stroller minute before you get home, but wakes instantly when you try to transfer them to the crib and then won’t fall back asleep. Skip the transfer drama with a sleep-certified stroller bassinet that clicks out without moving baby and is safe for overnight sleep.

A light backpack

TWELVELittle mini backpack When you’re out all day, even if it’s just driving around, you want to travel light. (That 15-pound baby is heavy enough, right mama?) This Mini-Go backpack is small enough to schlep all day while providing plenty of organized storage for all your necessities. Plus, it comes with a changing pad for inevitable pit stops along the way.

A bamboo bento lunch box

EKOBO bamboo bento lunch box Whether you’re toting nibbles for an older child or a few snacks for yourself (or both!), these sustainably sourced lunch boxes will keep your portions separated and your sandwiches un-squished all day long.

A travel clean-up kit

Noleo diaper care Even the best-laid plans can be waylaid by a diaper explosion. (Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.) Cue the Babybox. This quick-fix kit comes with a gentle cleanser and moisturizer to clean your baby’s sensitive areas and organic cotton pads to wipe away any messes—no need to rinse. (Or to head home early for a bath.)

A luminizing sunscreen

Volition Prismatic Luminizing Shield SPF50 You didn’t think we’d forget about you, did you, mama? This Prismatic Luminizing Shield protects your skin with SPF 50 while evening your skin tone and providing that “how does she do it all” glow all day long.

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