Rough-and-tumble playtime is synonymous with my 3-year-old son. He's not a wrestler or play fight type of kid, he's more into rolling around on the floor and climbing on anything that will support his weight. He loves to explore changing positions in space, and at any moment you can find him testing the limits of this strength . He is a messy boy who comes with clothing and shoes that are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria .

Imagine my horror when I discovered that the coronavirus could travel on shoes , according to a new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). I know this should not be of major concern because the conclusions were based on the presence of the virus' genetic material. Meaning it shows traces of the virus, NOT the actual virus. But I couldn't help but wonder, could my son's shoes potentially leave traces of the virus in my home and backyard?

Thankfully, I found the Saucony Jazz Riff sneaker is not only stylish, but is also machine- washable for those times when the dirt is too much to spot clean. While it's certainly not guaranteed to protect against coronavirus, it does give me a little extra peace of mind right now. And to date, I've washed the sneakers 11 times over the past 35 days and I'm happy to report it still has the same vibrant gray suede material and hasn't shrunk one bit.

Saucony Little Kid's jazz riff sneaker

Saucony Little Kid's jazz riff sneaker

Designed with developing feet in mind, Saucony Kids Jazz Riff rebounds easily from messy playtime. It's sure to keep up with the demands of active little ones.

Here's what else I love about the Saucony Kids Jazz Riff:

1. Smiley face tabs

Without fail, my kid always asks me, "is this shoe on the right foot?" Most times he gets it right, other times, not so much. Thankfully, every pair of Jazz Riffs comes with two smiley face tabs on the inward side of each sneaker. I use them as a training tool for my son—when the smiley faces smile at each other, the shoes are on the correct feet.

2. Memory foam footbed

The Jazz Riff has a cushy memory foam footbed that molds to the shape of his foot. After a day of walking around—even if it's just playing for hours in the backyard—he never complains about his feet hurting.

3. The size

The strap design provides a wide opening, making it easier to put on chubby (or super squirmy) toddler feet.

4. Anti-stink lining

Raise your hand if you've washed a toddler shoe and the inside never seems to dry? After a few days it smells like mildew that just won't go away. I've been there more times than I'd like to count, but this sneaker has an anti-stink lining that wards off smelly bacteria. It helps wick away moisture to help dry faster and prevent unwanted smells.

My deepest desire is that it will not only survive a few seasons, but will stick around long enough for my 11-month-old daughter to wear, too. And even if it comes to many more washes—and douses of disinfecting sprays—one thing is certain: they can be sanitized to safeguard against spreading germs , and that brings me an incredible amount of joy.