2020 is the year that made me realize I needed more coziness in my life. Sure, jeans are great, but now that I've been stuck at home for almost 9 months, I look at my collection of high-rise, wide leg, distressed, even tie dye denim collecting dust and have zero desire to wear any of them. Add to the mix that I spend most of the time sitting on the floor juggling three kids (ages 2 and under) while also working and really, all I need is comfort and coziness.

So when I saw that SKIMS, the famous brand owned by Kim Kardashian West, was launching a new cozy collection I was thrilled. I've tested their support garments in the past and became a convert. Kim knows what she's talking about when designing clothes for moms, especially different shaped bodies. Then I realized this collection included mama+mini matching pieces , which is a thing I'm super into (and something I didn't expect to like when my son was born) and I was sold.

We live in Maine so temps are dropping fast and we are spending more and more inside, so this entire collection was basically created for all of my (and many other moms out there) current needs. Cozy, simple, comfortable and still very much trendy, the Cozy and Cozy Kids collection drops on Thursday 11/19 at 12PM ET and it's expected to sell out fast. So I decided to round up my current faves, all which I'll be adding to my cart as soon as I can.

This is what I'll be getting from the new SKIMS cozy line:

Cozy knit pullover


This is the year when I went fully oversize with my clothes. A mix of needing easy access to boobs and also comfort. This pullover while not necessarily being boob friendly (but maybe? Moms get creative) it's the perfect combo of oversize and style. With two pockets (we all need pockets!) on the front, it's made for max warmth.

Kids cozy knit hoodie


Zip up hoodies are the way to go with my toddler who hates having things go over his head (working on it). Perfect to play inside or outside and easy to style with literally anything.

Cozy knit jogger


Like I said above, goodbye jeans, hello stylish joggers. Also, the waist in these looks like heaven as I continue to recover from my second C-section and things are still out of...well, place.

Kids cozy knit pant


Made of breathable cozy knit, these are perfect for playing all day long.

Cozy knit tank


This tank looks ideal for days like after Thanksgiving or Christmas when all you want to do is sit around the couch and relax. Pair the Cozy Knit Tank with the Cozy Knit Short and Cozy Knit Robe for the ultimate loungewear set. Coffee not included, but recommended.

Kids cozy knit tank


I mean, do you see yourself and your little ones all wearing these tanks for a family photo? Because I do. I do.

Cozy knit robe


Before I had kids I thought robes were silly and for old people. Now...well I guess I'm old people? I LOVE my robe (which has seen better days) so this is probably the piece I'm most excited about.

Kids cozy knit robe


After seeing me every morning in my robe, my son has now started requesting his. Honestly, cannot wait for both of us to match and be wrapped up in these while also wearing matching slippers. 'Tis the season people, 'tis the season.

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