City mamas get an especially strong solidarity fist bump from us. ? Whether you’re navigating subway stairs or struggling to fit a nursery in a 1-bedroom apartment, there are certain challenges that urban mamas take on every day.

Here are genius 9 small-space products that will get you almost as excited as a Starbucks on every block.

1. When you hit the streets: BABYZEN YOYO+ Stroller

image 386 Motherly

Tricky city streets (and building vestibules), you have met your match. The savvy BABYZEN YOYO+ converts to accommodate either an infant or a toddler, maneuvers like a dream, and folds down to roughly the size of your gym bag—it can even fit in an airplane overhead compartment. And at a mere 13 pounds, you won’t even mind lugging it up subway steps to take your little to the outer boroughs.

Pro tip: Part of what keeps this ride so lightweight is a lack of frills. But for mamas who need to bring a bag and can’t get through a playdate without Starbucks (AKA, all of us), we recommend investing in the cup holder and travel bag.


2. When you need counter space for the toaster: Boon Grass Drying Rack

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When counter space is already at a premium, you want everything that you have to keep on display to at least contribute to a stylish aesthetic. And we haven’t found a cuter way to air dry all those bottle nipples than the Boon Grass Drying Rack. The simple design is the perfect place to dry all baby’s things that you’d rather keep separate from your other dishes.

Pro tip: Still need more drying space? Think up! Pair your Grass with the Boon Stem Accessory.


3. To wash off that city grit: Puj Tub

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While we love infant tubs with bells and whistles, they tend to take up more room than most urban mamas can spare. The Puj Tub is made from soft white foam that folds and conforms to your sink during bath time, and then hangs or store flat when you’re done. Think of it this way: The quicker the cleanup, the faster you get to the snuggling-a-freshly-bathed-baby moment.

Pro tip: If you’re dealing with a seriously small bathroom, opt for the Puj Flyte—it’s so compact, it can fit into a suitcase.


4. When Grandma wants to check in: Phillips Avent uGrow Smart Baby Monitor

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Life moves a little faster in the city, which is why urban mamas will appreciate how quick and easy it is to set up the Philips Avent uGrow Smart Baby Monitor. The clever design lets you (and the baby sitter, and Grandma, etc.) keep an eye on your little using SafeConnect Technology that works across 3G, 4G, and wi-fi—all from your smart phone. It also features lullaby songs, temperature control, a built-in nightlight, a microphone for 2-way convos, and alerts that you can personalize based on noise volume or temperature.

Pro Tip: The design is great for travel as you only have to bring the one device—your phone functions as the monitor.


5. When your playroom is the corner by your couch: Skip Hop 3-Stage Activity Center

image 390 Motherly

We love the Skip Hop 3-Stage Activity Center for being entertaining without over-stimulating baby (like other activity centers can be—you know what we mean). The construction is solid and the simple toys are engaging, meaning the center can last for YEARS as it moves from baby play space to toddler toy to child’s table. It’s also amazingly compact. You know, in case you 2-bedroom has started to feel even smaller lately.

Pro tip: We are total suckers for a product that grows with baby (who has the space for more toys??), and this activity center fits the bill oh-so beautifully.


6. When you can’t find parking near your apartment: Doona Car Seat

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The feeling of knowing you have to carry your heavy car seat and baby six blocks because you can’t find parking? Disheartening. The feeling of knowing you can simply turn your car seat into a stroller and wheel your way anywhere? WINNING. The Doona car seat features integrated wheels that flip down, transforming it into a compact stroller with a 360-turn radius perfect for zipping over city sidewalks. Warning: This all-in-one piece is so amazing, strangers will fawn over it in public.

Pro tip: Practice the folding/unfolding technique without baby inside the seat for the first few times. And definitely spring for the All-Day Bag—so worth it.


7. When the closest swing is at the park down the block: mamaRoo

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Besides offering one of the smallest swing footprints on the market, 4moms’ MamaRoo has a clean, modern look that will blend with your urban aesthetic. The base features a speaker that can connect with your mp3 player (to play jams for baby and you), and the whole swing can be controlled through Bluetooth on an app on your phone.

Pro tip: It’s the perfect swing option for babies that are still sharing a room with mama (hello, one-bedroom apartment!).


8. When your dining table is a coffee table: Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat

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Having a baby doesn’t have to mean giving up dinners out—you just need to come prepared. The folding mechanism of the Summer Infant Deluxe Comfort Folding Booster Seat creates a streamlined, flat design that you can tuck into your stroller’s undercarriage or a large tote bag. It’s perfect for stopping at a friend’s for lunch, navigating restaurants without high chairs, or simply substituting for bulkier high chairs.

Pro tip: The tray is dishwasher safe—hooray for no scrubbing!


9. When you need one that does it all: Bugaboo Stand

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It would be great if you could fit a bassinet, stroller, car seat and high chair into your tiny apartment, but for those of us still trying to find room for an actual dining table (#adultgoals), there’s this nifty little stand. The Bugaboo Stand easily transforms your stroller bassinet into a sleeping solution and your seat into an adjustable high chair—and when folded down, it’s roughly the size of an umbrella.

Pro tip: The stand is compatible with the Bugaboo Cameleon3, Bugaboo Buffalo and Bugaboo Donkey strollers, but you will need to purchase the appropriate adapters for your model.